Poems on this day – 22nd October 1988

Welcome Back to Aggro

He here is, my genuine friend
His violence will reign in the end         
A fist and a boot to see him through      
Hasn’t got anything better to do            
And no one will help him        
And no one can help us

Herbert the Hedgehog

Herbert was my special friend
He spiked his hair just like me
Every single place I went        
He would follow me  
Until that day I bought a car    
I did travel wide and far          
I saw my friend crossing the road         
And I mistook him for a bastard toad     
Oh my god! Was that Herbert?
His guts had been turned to sherbet       
Herbert the Hedgehog is no more         
Now he’s stuck to the floor


I was sick as a parrot
I was sad and depressed          
Now I’m really sorry  
I’m not at my best      

Let me know your thoughts

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