What’s Cool and Unusual – 28th May 2008

wed 28

consolador de dos caras
la campana, 53-55 liverpool st, sydney
$5 8pm

hira hira, tim dwyer, a friend of mine
plus the usual crazy djs

hira hira – we. are. all. xray. pricks. no. talent. fuck. off.

a friend of mine – Their mix of catatonic introspection and impassioned instrument thrashing makes their live performances a unique spectacle that “you couldn’t turn a deaf ear to… double unison vocals which droned into a sea of power chords, and a drummer that rocked hard enough to put holes in your ear drums.”
(fasterlouder.com.au) ” A Friend Of Mine played the sort of music you might bulldoze a neighbourhood to: rolling waves of brooding guitar grounded by frenetic, precise drumwork… their variation in intensity and unpretentious character made them a band worth catching.” (Inpress) They have since gone on to support a number of bands as diverse as Magic Dirt and Baseball, as well as improvising alongside Damo Suzuki.

tim dywer – I asked him for a bio but he never got back to me , so I am writing one for him. Tim reckons he sounds like suicide and he sort of does, I saw him playing with a jumper on his head and hammering a saxophone with a lot of smoke from a smoke machine. Was pretty good show. I think he is also doing some kind of master degree
in art or some shit like that down in canberra. Anyway I guarantee it will be worth seeing


sat 31

mgtvle, 40 fitzroy st, marrickville
8pm $10 all ages

ampere, majorca, former republics, scum system kill


sun 1

dirty shirlows, 32 shirlow st, marrickville
4pm $10 all ages

ampere, majorca, ohana, crux

just got back from a weekend in melbourne to check out the ampere shows – awesome and intense.  ohana were there too to record their new cd and play quebec’s final show.  great line ups in great spaces.


that’s all i have for now. i’m leaving on friday so if you’ve got anything coming up in the next six weeks let me know by wednesday and i’ll add it to the list.  i’ll be checking email from time to time too.

++  i’ll either be at these events or wishing i was there  ++

Let me know your thoughts

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