What’s Cool and Unusual – 24th September 2008

wed 24

la campana, 53-55 liverpool st, sydney
8pm $5



starring on our NEW IMPROVED PA SYSTEM!

TIM OLIVE (USA/jap)-     Osaka resident, born and raised on the Canadian prairies, began playing electric bass at age 12, fueled by 70’s hard rock.  A move to “the city” brought exposure to free jazz, early electronic music and the music(s) of Asia.   Efforts were made to accomodate these sounds within the range of rock instrumentation in the bands Nimrod and Soap-Jo Henshi, but eventually periodic rhythms and tempered pitches were jettisoned in favour of open forms, improvisation and exploration of the full sonic possibilities of steel strings and magnetic pickups, the number and diameter of strings varying periodically.
Extensive touring in North America, Europe and Japan has provided opportunities to play with a wide range of musicians, as well as long-term playing recording relationships with Jeffrey Allport, Shinichi Isohata, Fritz Welch, Francisco Meirino (aka Phroq), Nishikawa Bunsho (in the duo Supernatural Hot Rug And Not Used), as well as a duo with dancer Corrie Befort.

3 OF MILLIONS- Brave turns, textural layering and a strong sense of united phrasing direct the music from intimate storytelling to epic intensity. This is music for the laughers, and the cryers. The rawest of emotions are sure to be unleashed. Keep your ears peeled and eyes open. In 3ofmillions, the piano trio format is morphed in to a new ultra-sonic beast. Rising from the embers of eclectic musical experiences including Triosk, Trio Apoplectic, the Splinter Orchestra, Pivot, Pure Evil Trio, and Holly Throsby Band. These influences are all called upon to improvise music that can, and does, go anywhere.
“a brave new world of sound.” **** John Shand, SMH

KUSUM NORMOYLE – Kusum is an improvising vocalist/electronic artist/alternative pop musician based in sydney. She works with voice and electronics for performance and installation. Kusum is also performing at TINA this year, get in for a preview with consolador, this exciting new sound experimentor is one to watch.



fri 26

dirty shirlows
32 shirlow st, marrickville

truth from facts, fourteen nights at sea, hira hira, the thaw

(killer line up!)


fri 26


Castings, Collapsed Toilet Vietnam, Lakes, and Naked On The Vague.

castings myspace for info


sat 27

Splinter at Anode

FIELD TRIP is a free subterranean excursion through art and sound, projections, performance, installation, photography, and music. Along the way you’ll find artist Jess Cook musing on Sydney, and Token Imagination giving a moving performance. ANAT present the live improvised sound art of the 20-piece Splinter Orchestra. Check out Perran Costi’s Portable City installation, odd travel photography by Alex Crowfoot, take a seat in the pop-up cinema to see animation by Ingrid K Brooker, or hang out at the Bodega crew’s car park deck party.
Domain Car Park, Sydney.
Free. 12 – 7pm
For more on Anode go to http://www.anode.net.au/


sat 27

the louie’s PA fundraiser event of the century
34 murray st, marrickville
7pm til late late late $10

fourteen nights at sea
truth from facts
dead farmers
bed wettin bad boys
voting with bricks

drum and fakecore after party!
the incredible hexadecibels w/ creassult
p.p. flo


sat 27

52 Pick Up launch!

7pm – 12am, shows 9pm sharp
Saturday 27 September
The Red Rattler
6 Faversham St. Marrickville

A night of cabaret, dirty tunes, filthy roadside food, arm wrestling and sickly sweet cocktails, to launch a truckstop-themed deck of playing cards.

$7 / 10 entry, or $25 entry and deck of playing cards.
Special introductory offer one-night-only price of $20 per deck (normally

Performances by Glita Supernova, Wife, King Daddy and Candy, Sister Muscle Mary, Rooty Rita and KK No Pants. Music by DJ Gemma, Deadbeat, Huckleberry Spin and Toecutter. Plus trucker arm wrestling, cake stall, diner coffee and hotdog stand by The Dog, Diamond King of the Diner.

Dress diner glamour or roadside grime.


sat 27

@MGTVLE 40 Fitzroy st, Marrickville
8pm $8

Scum System Kill (crusty punx)
Useless Children (Melbourne, female fronted fast hardcore)
Repo Man (80s style mosh)
Maus (Instrumental grind ex-Massappeal)


sat 27

rock hard cock!
4 talbot st, sydenham
$8 9pm

cherry 2000, des peres, anklepants, djs anal erection, andy rantzen, catinabox and a surgical sideshow performance


sun 28

hackett house
6-8 old bankstown plaza, bankstown
1pm $5

First show in a room in Bankstown. Its very close to the station, so no travel-based excuses. Its even on the Inner West line!!

The Thaw (Westies trying to be Magic Dirt but playing Godspeed and eating cupcakes instead)
Melaleuca (current/ex members of Marrickville, Newtown, Beverly Hills, Lakemba and Penrith)
They Kill And Eat People (Lizzie from BoysClub?? The quiet boy and the one who used to have dreads? They also cover the Weakerthans)
Cripple Gypse (The T-1000 turning kittens into sludge)

plus more! (a-lot-of-bands-we-asked-can’t-play-so-we’re-asking-more-core)

Check http://myspace.com/hacketthouse for more mad shit.


sun 28

punx outside!

1pm meet at enmore park rocketship or text 0449***** for directions on the day

useless children
vae victis
gwilym evans

+ stalls, food etc

++  i’ll either be at these events or wishing i was there  ++

Let me know your thoughts

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