What’s Cool and Unusual – 22nd October 2008

wed 22

consolador de dos caras
la campana, 53-55 liverpool st, sydney
$5 8pm

Fantastic Doug and the Cupcake Club – is a (“totally fab!”) musical pop group created in the basement Studio of the Youth Center.
— “Wow, the Cupcake Club? Yeah man they’re totally ‘off the hook’!”
— “You like the Cupcakes??! How ‘INDY’ and ‘DIFFERENT’!”
— “Woooooah dudes I was at the Cupcake Club show on Friday and they were so tight I got a hemmorhoid! And my face melted off!!!! True story”
See what I mean….?

The Warm Feelings – wizards , magic and dreams fortold by a mystical sage to dominate rock ‘ n ‘roll for one night only. Come witness the power drums and guitar can channel from dancing on the dead bones of bon scott and kurt cocaine.

The Mistakes – These guys really haven’t the faintest idea how be a successful rock and roll outfit. It’s been one drama after another over the last (god is it almost) five years. Including on stage implosions, due to excessive levels of intoxication, break ups due to unbearable levels of homo-erotic tension in the band room, a pure inability to sing correctly or even play their instruments, it has been an uphill battle for these guys. Their continuing existence is testimony to their high self-appreciation of their own particular brand of half-cocked, shambolic-punk, post-rock, almost-art, pop-n-roll, hard-wank, mess. That said one almost gets the feeling that one day, somewhere, someone may flip a coin and BAM! The Mistakes may become a credible band. But probably not


plus the HOBO PRESS ZINE launch!!


thu 23rd

Stencil exhibition
Little fish Gallery 22 enmore rd, Newtown
Local street artists of all ages and abilities presenting their work.
There will be people’s choice prizes in three categories:
best technique, best political and best humourous.
A fundraiser for little fish gallery with free wine and drinks by donation. Hopefully some live music, and probably a live auction. Great opportunity for street artists to come out of the shadows and meet their fellows.


fri 24th

12 barker st, Lewisham(just off old canterbury rd)
starts about 8pm

Simo soo + Question + Little a


sat 25th

Hornsby PCYC: 94 George St Hornsby

Polyfox and the Union of the Most Ghosts
They Kill & Eat People
The (Temperamental) Pocket
Happy Phlegm
The Snoozefests

$5 6pm
No drugs, alcohol, etc.


sat 25th

hamizalooza ’08
34 murray st, marrickville

run! hide!, dz, yeah bears, call the medic, call the nurse, bare arms, bake em away toys

8pm $8


sun 26th

Bohemian Grove (L2/68 Sophia St, Surry Hills) is tickled pink to present…

the Carl Dewhurst Trio!
Carl Dewhurst – guitar
Cameron Undy – bass
Evan Mannell – drums

Carl’s trio explore the fine lines of improvising in and out of time/tune/taste. Fortune favours the wrong. Yin/Yang says at it’s worst it’s best, at it’s best it’s bad. And we all know bad is good.

*” In this age of convergent politics and convergent art it’s refreshing to know anarchy still has a champion, and his name is Carl Dewhurst. …he is such a pure, intuitive improviser… Like a liquid, Dewhurst fills any context, but never blandly so. “*
SMH October 2007


sun 26th

6.30pm $5 donation
Black Rose will be screening Battle In Seattle. A hollywood version of the intense and inspiring events of 1999 when the World Trade Organisation (WTO) meetings in Seattle were shut down by a large cross-section of the american community – families, unions, lawyers, eco-activists, anti-racist groups and anarchists 🙂 protesting the existence of the WTO amidst volleys of rubber bullets and tear gas from riot squad police.
this film is directed, written and produced by Stuart Townsend, the same person who directed The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Aeon Flux and is the voice of Lucky Charms Leprechaun on Robot Chicken.
because of daylight savings, throughout summer movie times at black rose will be at 6:30

Black Rose Anarchist Library & Bookshop
22 Enmore Rd (100m from Newtown Station)
w: www.blackrosebooks.org
e: blackrosebooks@yahoo.com.au
P: 0424 490 792

thursday & friday 11-7
saturday & sunday 11-5

accessibility: there are three steps at the entrance. the toilet is not easily accessible


Dirty Shirlows warehouse space available for rehearsals / recordings and jammin

rehersal rates;
$20 per hour or $50 for three
there is a full 6kW’s pa, 2di boxes, 5 mics, a 12 channel mixer, HALF A DRUM KIT (bring your own snare and cymbals), friendly atmosphere, a fridge WITH BEER BY DONATION…….. what more could you want…?

hours of operation;
11am-11pm 7days

shirlows office (02) 95577377
32 shirlow street marrickvile
just  near sydenham station


and in some more self promotion – the second in the MAYBE MARS series of cd releases from new underground chinese bands came out this week – it being the self titled debut from CARSICK CARS – some sweet indie noise rock from beijing.  you can check out mp3s and video and other guff here:


++  i’ll either be at these events or wishing i was there  ++

Let me know your thoughts

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