What’s Cool and Unusual – 29th October 2008

wed 29th

consolador de dos caras
la campana, 52-55 liverpool st, sydney

New archetypes – FRIENDS since birth, Screamin’ E. Hernia and Karl Richard-Marx formed New Archetypes in 2006 when it became apparent that Karl’s musical skills combined with fledgling guitarist, filmmaker and gutter poet Hernia’s songs formed the perfect recipe for a brutal new archetype. In a rehearsal room in their death-metal friend Billy’s warehouse flat above a smash repair joint in Redfern, they hammered away at their craft, throwing in covers by The Stooges, The Beasts of Bourbon and The Birthday Party, Karl accompanying variously on guitar, bass and a horrific optical theremin shaped like a baby doll’s head with red glowing eyes, which he ran through all manner of effects to synthesise the rotting belch of the devil. Hernia’s raspy screaming and shouting was terrifying. One evening, during a particularly bone-powdering jam, they earnt their first $5, when a tripping metal head who hung out at the flat stuck the money under the door, with a note pleading with them to stop making him feel like he was dying. Skip forward a few months, and Karl is at a party getting hammered. His brother Hans Regretel and friend The Naked Drewth mention they want to form a band, Hans being a bassist/guitarist, Drew being an aspiring drummer (in that he couldn’t play, but liked the idea). Karl and Hernia decided this mix of experience and inexperience (or innocence?) had an attractive Blakean undertone. Besides, this way there’d be more people to chip in for bourbon. Soon after, New Archetypes rehearsed together for the first time, The Naked Drewth having his first ever bash at a kit. With them was friend Ted Frostbite, an eccentric punk and pipe organ virtuoso, who’d performed recitals in places like the Sydney Town Hall and the Opera House. His father was also a keyboard player for Suzi Quattro, as well as The Who’s John Entwistle, Kiki Dee and Robert Palmer’s early-’70s group Vinegar Joe. Despite Ted’s extreme abilities in the art of fine music, he aimed for total chaos. The formula had been written. New Archetypes were complete. The first public New Archetypes gig took place January 5, 2007, at the Lansdowne Hotel and was cut short after just two songs because Screamin’ E. Hernia had already been in a fight with a bouncer and got kicked out. The band had to sneak him back in to play. They were compensated by the venue with unlimited free beer. Things just haven’t been the same since. Prepare yourself for NA. It will be loud. It will be brutal. It will be primitive. You will be addicted. NA beckons.

Maxwell stone – Formed 2005 in Enmore, Sydney. Maxwell Stone is described as Stoner Rock with metal inclinations. Members include Peter ”P.P.R.” Richards (Guitar/Drums)27,Albury ”Benny” West (Drums)24, Sam ”Rush” McNair (Vocals/Guitar)26 & brother Tom ”AKA1-Madman” (Lead Guitar)27. Maxwell Stone is the product of the now infamous ”Cakehole”. The Cakehole is a shoptop flat above a cake shop (though the cake shop no longer remains). Tom,Sam & friend since primary school Pete began jamming on an old borrowed amp inthe lounge room. It grew from there to playing at parties and soon enough in November 2005 the group played their first gig, Bar Broadway in Sydney. In 2007 Maxwell Stone recruited ex-Leprechaun Deathstar drummer Albury West. Maxwell Stone’s music was used in the soundtrack of ”Cheerleader Swap Meat” also playing at the Film launch in August 07. The group plays regular local shows and draws a dedicated fanbase. In 2008 Maxwell Stone has recorded a self titled E.P and plans to release in November. A tour of the Eastern States of Australia is planned for late 2008.


White knuckle Fever are the dynamo psychobluesy duo uniting 3k short (from machine gun fellatio) and celia curtis (biffos blow up bonanza) . Better put your seatbelts on because they are going to take you for a ride into the abyss !


thu 30

Conor O’Brien

There Stands The Glass

Opening 30th October

31st October – 16th November 2008

Conor O’Brien was recently referred to as one of the country’s ‘best, most interesting and certainly most promising’ young photographers by the Associate Curator of the Art Gallery of Western Australia, Dr Robert Cook.  In October and November 2008, Black & Blue Gallery will host O’Brien’s most recent body of work, There Stands The Glass. 

First shown at the Centre for Contemporary Photography (CCP) in Melbourne earlier this year, There Stands The Glass is a collection of colour photographs; portraits, landscapes and observations that are calm and considered, never poking fun at their subjects but always celebrating their beauty. The images were captured over two years and deal with people and the sense of people.  The subjects are almost always friends, family and the places that hold their spirit.

The Age reviewer Penelope Modra wrote of There Stands The Glass, “[O’Brien]’s not asking you to look through his eyes as thought they are your own and share some modernist‘epiphany moment’. It’s just an invitation to feel, well, what you feel.”

O’Brien has shown work at the Australian Centre for Photography, the Centre for Contemporary Photography, The National Portrait Gallery, The Art Gallery of

Western Australia, the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Utopian Slumps Gallery and was included in the New York Photography Festival 2008.  He currently lives and works in Sydney.

Vito Belgiorno-Zegna, Director

Black & Blue Gallery
302/267-271 Cleveland Street
Redfern NSW 2016

Thurs to Sat 11-6   Sun 12-5 


fri 31

louie’s, 34 murray st, marrickville

*Duke Magazine Halloween Party* – Serial Killer Dress Up, Fat-O-Gram, Dancing, Tunes, Party!!!!

thing is, party’s are always fuggin sick. and dressing up is awesome. and dressing up on halloween is the best. AND and and they are gonna have FAT-O-GRAMS. as in some big fatso gettin naked. you really wanna miss that?

starts at 8 and costs $10. try say no.

“Duke is like if National Geographic and National Lampoon had a kid, and the kid grew up to be this really bitchy teenage girl”

– Peter Shamrock, arts editor for  Irish Brogue Weekly


fri 31

Dark Carnivàle

The Red Rattler Theatre Stage One Launch
and fundraiser for eco-efficient utilities
doors open 8pm, showtime 9pm sharp
limited capacity, be early!

6 Faversham St.

$20 / $15 conc

MOJO JUJU & the Snake Oil Merchants
The Kingpins
Lillian Starr & D-Vinyl
Sex Intents & Glitta Supernova
Brown Council
Justin Shoulder
Janie Gibson
Celia Curtis
Crash and Danni

hosted by Kelli Jean
with DJ Gemma


sat 1

*Deja Boo!*

ok halloween is the night before, but its such a good holiday that i think it’s pretty fair to spread it out over 2 days.

this is Deja Vu’s 4th birthday, and some guy named Aiden’s Halloween party.

this is from the flyer – “open jams & food from 5pm” – i guess jam is more of a spread than a food ey. ha ha ha. blegh. it goes till like 4 am or something.

ANYWAY bands/people/dj’s featured on this night are:

Fuji Collective, Toecutter, Day of the Meerkat, Svelt, Squid, Captains, Baram, Brackets

all for a gold coin donation. fuckin deal!


sat 1

The Red Rattler Theatre
6 Faversham St.
Marrickville NSW 2204

7pm $5

BugGiRL (gong)
Valentiine (melb)
Kate Duffy (syd)
DJ Huckleberry Spin



sun 2

Black Rose Anarchist Library & Bookshop

22 Enmore Rd (100m from Newtown Station)


Leila Khaled: Hijacker. About the Hijacking of TWA flight 840 in 1969. The destination was Tel Aviv, Israel. A short while after take off Leila Khaled leaves her seat and threatens the crew with hand grenades and enters the cockpit. She takes hold of the microphone; “Ladies and gentlemen, your attentions please, kindly fasten your seat belts. This is your new Captain speaking. The Che Guevara commando unit of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine…”

thursday & friday 11-7
saturday & sunday 11-5

accessibility: there are three steps at the entrance. the toilet is not easily accessible

++  i’ll either be at these events or wishing i was there  ++

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