What’s Cool and Unusual – 23rd April 2014

A long weekend festival as fundraiser for social centres and various causes you think are worthy. It will be hosted in 4 DIY warehouse spaces in Sydney, Australia.

Entry fee: We’ll be asking for a reasonable amount for the shows. It is a fundraiser so we’d appreciate generosity but also understand how important that goon bag is to you.

The four Sydney DIY spaces: The turtle head, The bird rib, the hat factory and monster mouse studios.

Accommodation and general hangouts at venues. Hit us up.


***@gmail.com or facebook a host


Thu 24

Punk Outside!

Starting at 7pm
Outdoor gig!

Geryon | 6.30pm
Farting arses | 7pm
Ixodes | 7.30pm
Vex Machina | 8pm
Scrotal Vice| 8.30pm
Moonsign| 9pm
Palmar Grasp | 9.30pm
Everything I own is broken | 10pm
Unknown to God| 10.30pm


Fri 25

The Bird Rib

Starting at 6.30pm
Intense punx shows at the bird rib

Grey Places | 7pm
Disinterested | 7.45pm
Mange | 8.30pm
Thorax | 9.45pm
Sin Fondos (Byron) | 10.30pm
Anarkokvlt | 11.15pm
Dark Horse | 12pm
Common Enemy (byron) | 12.45pm


Sat 26

Monster Mouse Studios

Radical relationships
Urban ecology
Animal welfare
Sex work
Activism report back
Punk aerobix
Screen-printing DIY stall
Zine stalls
add your workshop
add your workshop

Souixe & the Banshees | 7pm
FYP // MeataXe | 7.30pm
Cyndi Lauper | 8pm
Rancid | 8.30pm
Infest | 9pm
The Veronicas | 9.30pm
Blink 187 | 10pm
The Distillers | 10.30pm
Minor Thrush | 11pm
Foreigner (Kim and Carla) | 11.30pm
Met all I can’t (kyran) | 12pm
None Remain | 12.30pm

Karaoke | 1pm


Sun 27

The Turtlehead

Starting at 12pm
Folk day show

Crow eater | 12pm
Damien | 12.30pm
Heaps Tough | 1pm
Glitter rats| 1.30pm
Golden Orb | 2pm
Lordy Lordy | 2.30pm

Let me know your thoughts

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