What’s Cool and Unusual – 30th April 2014

Call out

Sashimi Studios, Marrickville

The Loose Jivers Jazz Social is a weekly one hour house party of the dancing kind. Come chuck on some music videos, stretch your body body, throw some fresh shapes and learn some new moves.


babes of bop
honeys of hip hop
bosses of bump and the refined kind who grind
wizards of watussi
punks who pogo
gods of go go
hams of the shim sham
peach cheeks of pop
diablos of disco
and chumps of krump



Every Wednesday from 2 April 2014

Sashimi Studios DF
It’s free to jive coz fuck the system
Gender inclusive, we don’t give a shit what kind of organ you’re packing so long as you wanna shake the tail feather on the other side of it.
Kids accompanied by their grown ups are welcome


smash smash
bang bang
don’t stop


Thu 1

Loft UTS, 15 Broadway, Ultimo
8pm $8 ALL AGES(?)

Jep and Dep, Lola & The Captain, Caitlin Harnett


Sat 3

Monster Mouse Rehearsal Studio, Maud Ln, Marrickville

Save BBy Riss BBy BBQ (more info on Baby Riss Below)


All of this will be taking place at the defiant Monster Mouse Rehearsal Studio with yummy treats, cupcakes, BBQ available! Come get fed for a good cause!!

Black Vanilla the ectoplasmic resin of three distinct taste makers from the Sydney Club Scene Marcus Whale (Collarbones, Scissorlock), Lavurn Lee (Guerre, Cassius Select) and DJ Plead (#artblogmogul). This is a sexual grab for the guts, dense rhythms and painfully intimate commands. they got you jacked up.

Golden Blonde euphorically tense boyz of the #2k14 Sydney arts scene. They work tones to constrict yr senses and conduct rhythms that deny A to B gratification for a longer deeper high. Hugh Deacon would be mainly responsible for that last bit, and if his work as POWERMOVES is any kind of a tell I imagine Austin Buckett has a hand in that too. Adam Guzowski sings dark and free alongside Joshua Beaker who lays the ground for all of these luxuries with some well placed bass.

Chunyin is a step away from Rainbow Chan’s ecstatic pop efforts. It is the darker side of a complicated beast, thundering and low. Her unique feel for challenging composition is all there but with an aim for rhythm based oscillation and synth torture diagrams. it will turn yr head inside out. #nanbowchan

All of these acts are coming together in support of the campaign to save Baby Riss. Over the 2013 Christmas holidays 19 year old Isabelle “Baby” Rissole was diagnosed with a rare life threatening blood disease called aHUS. Since the illness is so rare there has not been a precedent for the government to subsidize the life saving medication needed to treat this illness. Currently it is costing Baby 20,000 dollars a fortnight for her treatment. That’s 600,000 dollars a year. In July a petition urging the Federal Government goes through to cover the medication Eculizumab, which would not just change Baby’s life but also the lives of many other australians struggling with illnesses that would be treated by this miracle drug. Up until July the diligent network of friends, family and artists (Le1f & Cakes Da Killa to name a few) working to support Baby must raise over 200,000 dollars. All of the proceeds from this event will go towards treatment for young Baby Riss.

If you can’t come please consider giving a donation : http://www.gofundme.com/savebabyriss

Let me know your thoughts

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