USSSY – usssy – 3rd March 2016

Cat #: 181TZM

Compilation celebrating the amazing work of uSSSy!

1. c.a.m.s.
2. holyshit
taken from ‘usssy’

3. cock-fight
4. polarity reversal
taken from ‘oko’

5. tamers of hucksters
6. yagibiha
taken from ‘ud’

7. kiitos theme
taken from ‘live at substancia’

8. tab – al-liga’
9. sanare ali
taken from ‘karpet birch’

10. krestyane
11. booty dance
taken from ‘afghan music house party’

12. perkele
13. rave
taken from ‘unsharp mask’

Yes, you can get the full albums at the links provided – just remember, you discovered them first at tenzenmen! 

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