Leavings – Sell and Shark – 21st November 2016

Cat #: 189TZM

Leavings is a three piece punk band from Brisbane, Australia which takes cues from post-hardcore, indie rock, shoegaze, krautrock, and the vibrant DIY cultures of Australia, China, and South-East Asia.

Combining driving, aggressive bass and drums, shouted vocals, and wiry guitar with catchy, muscular hooks and cavernous noise and drone-scapes, the group’s songs generate a bold, vigorous energy that is both affirming and cathartic . 

RIYL: Unwound, Flying Nun records, The Men, Rosetta, Fugazi, Japandroids, Sonic Youth, Blank Realm, Neu!, P.K. 14, mewithoutYou, Turnpike, A Place to Bury Strangers.

Sell & Shark is Leavings’ debut release and the first single from their forthcoming LP.

On side A is “Sell”, a reckless punk rock clanger in which the band belts out grumpy yells drenched in reverb over the top of a collection of distorted major-key hooks played at full tilt.

Exclusive to the 7″ is a brooding slab of noise rock in the form of B-side “Shark”. The track begins quietly with a faint, nervous guitar riff and muted, tense drumming encircled by a menacing bassline which swims around them tightly until all three instruments attack each other, exploding into dissonant fuzz and dry screaming.

Together, the tracks represent the band’s response to the frustration of living in an Australia whose leaders become nastier and more cynical with each passing year. “Sell” is defiantly spirited while “Shark” is the band at their grumpiest, but not without a sense of humour. 

Both tracks were recorded in Brisbane at Tym Guitars with Donovan Miller (FOREVR, No Anchor) over one weekend in the winter of 2016.

For interviews, press, and bookings, please contact leavingsband@gmail.com.

Can Can Heads – Old Fart’s Neck – 24th September 2016

Cat #: 188TZM

Can Can Heads is:
Jannu – dr
Raine – gtr
Tomppa – bs
Janne – sax
Mikko – voc

Live tracks recorded 5th of November 2013 at Kuudes Linja, Helsinki, Finland.

Extra sax on 7 by Sami Pekkola and Taneli Viitahuuhta.

Tracks 2/4/5 recorded and executed by Raine and Jannu, vocals by Mikko.

On 3 feedback by Raine and Tomppa, organ by Antti.

Track 6 by Raine, Jannu and Janne.

All tracks by CCH 2004-2016 except Not Bite by Red Transistor.


Andy Rantzen and Jochen Gutsch – 5th June 2016

Cat #: 187TZM


The duo’s debut EP was originally released on Wood & Wire in 2015 and re-released on tenzenmen in June 2016. For this EP, the verses explore the playful, magical and untrustworthy. The music rapidly changes shape, direction, speed and mood. Each piece is exactly two minutes long. This is the realm of the charlatan.


Released by tenzenmen in June 2016, for this EP, the sound is stripped to a pure piano and spoken-word performance. The lyrics examine the nature of death and dying from the perspectives of the soon-to-be-bereaved and his or her observers. The piano work cycles between cold detachment and intense emotion. This is the realm of the human.


The final instalment of the duo’s three-part EP series comes out in April 2018 on tenzenmen. This time, sawtooth synths and off-kilter drum machines build the musical framework for Andy’s voice. The lyrics cover topics such as magical thinking, the virtues of simplicity, and techniques for the avoidance of suicide. This is the realm of the realist.

Andy Rantzen is a Sydney-based recording artist and writer best known as part of the duo Itch-E and Scratch-E alongside Paul Mac. Since 1989 he has released a steady stream of material under his own name and in collaboration with Cherry2000, Pelican Daughters and others.

Jochen Gutsch is a German-born musician and composer who lives in Sydney. He has played hundreds of shows internationally and released a large number of albums in various formations, mostly under the name Hinterlandt.

In their duo, Andy handles the words while Jochen handles the music. The chosen format to release the music is a series of EPs on independent Australian label tenzenmen. Each EP is based on a different lyrical and sonic concept and follows a clear set of rules. Each new EP will be added to this album as they become available.

All cover photographs by Lawrence English.

Agency – Do We Go It Alone? – 22nd May 2016

Cat #: 186TZM

The ‘Do We Go It Alone?’ EP features 4 diverse tracks from killer kick-off ‘Citizens Alone’, with its noisy Husker Du influence and race to end, to final track ‘Comatose’ with it’s laid back Codeine stylings and big Joy Division bass. Sandwiched in between is the post-punk Aussie rattler ‘Skitter’, bringing to mind the tinny D. Boon guitar tones of the Minutemen or even the Fire Engines. ‘Model Negative’ is a backwards guitar duet of exquisite and experimental beauty that ties the whole EP together.

The songs on this EP were recorded in the hellosQuare studio, best known as Brick Lane. They had spent just a few days doing their first album in an external space back at the end of 2015 but this time decided that they wanted to develop a whole selection of new songs with more time and not rush the process.

The second collection of songs from these recordings is available now from our good friends at Sonic Masala:


holypalms – Tribute to Snake Charmers – 30th April 2016

Cat #: 185TZM

Recorded in the same circumstances as debut release BABA, Moscow resident Pavel Eremeev (ex USSSY) takes holypalms on a full-length journey and tribute to the music of the snake charmers around the world.  

Self-described as ‘electro-noise-raga’ Pavel combines sounds of a quarter-toned baritone guitar along with an electronic background of tones and beats. Silky and liquid hues of sound enhanced by electronic cadence beats and crescendo grooves. Asymmetrical noise collapses into a lo-fi vortex and ebbs with the silver lustre of subliminal guitar sounds. 

Folky and deep-rooted high grains of Indian classical raga are embedded amidst the improvised techniques of recording. Recurrent, moxie melodies enthral and cut through like a Katar dagger opening an ineffable horizon of endless travelling into the shamanic atmosphere that is holypalms.

” “Tribute to Snake Charmers Music” is my own vision of traditional melodies of the music performed by the caste of snake charmers from India and Nepal. I have imbued these sounds and it somehow entered into my guitar improvisation, and then I developed them, inventing rhythms and background sounds.” – Pavel Eremeev 2015

First made available via fellow Moscow cohorts at Cancelled Records, tenzenmen hopes to broaden holypalms fanbase by presenting Tribute to Snake Charmers Music to you here.  

“holypalms step into the cloud of oriental psychedelia that might easily pass for a lost collection of desert ecstasy from the Sublime Frequencies label. I’m quite sure Pavel can actually charm snakes with his guitar. Recommended!”
(Weed Temple, Transmissions from the psychedelic underground) 

holypalms – BABA – 24th April 2016

Cat #: 184TZM

The inspiration behind BABA is taken from old lo-fi tapes found in markets around Asia (ref: Sublime Frequencies back catalogue).  The warm distorted sounds of real live music performed at ceremonies and on the streets transferred to a tiny apartment studio in Berlin via Pavel’s unique headbone.

If you wish to pay for this download and want the money to go directly to Pavel, please download from: holypalms.bandcamp.com/releases

Pavel Eremeev: All technical wizardry

ni-hao! – No Respect – 28th March 2016

Cat #: 182TZM

RED ARIKO (drumR, sampler)

Omochi Records OMC-012

All songs made by ni-hao! except tracks 1 & 12 by Soakubeats (guest vocal Onnen on track 12)
track 8 by wanna “NERVS” (guest vocal, too!)
Produced by Jun Taniguchi and ni-hao!
Recorded and Mixed by Kenichi Matsumoto
Mastering by Kenji Abe (AIM MASTERING)
Art designed by Takahisa Sano
Spuervised by Shinnosuke Mochizuki and Hakuto Asami

Special Thanks:
Ohara, Shinji Ouchi, Anthony, Yasunori Monden, Nagatomo family, Soori, Hirofumi Horikawa, Aoi Swimming, Ito, Wac, Miko and Tomonari

USSSY – usssy – 3rd March 2016

Cat #: 181TZM

Compilation celebrating the amazing work of uSSSy!

1. c.a.m.s.
2. holyshit
taken from ‘usssy’

3. cock-fight
4. polarity reversal
taken from ‘oko’

5. tamers of hucksters
6. yagibiha
taken from ‘ud’

7. kiitos theme
taken from ‘live at substancia’

8. tab – al-liga’
9. sanare ali
taken from ‘karpet birch’

10. krestyane
11. booty dance
taken from ‘afghan music house party’

12. perkele
13. rave
taken from ‘unsharp mask’

Yes, you can get the full albums at the links provided – just remember, you discovered them first at tenzenmen!