Agency – Do We Go It Alone? – 22nd May 2016

Cat #: 186TZM

The ‘Do We Go It Alone?’ EP features 4 diverse tracks from killer kick-off ‘Citizens Alone’, with its noisy Husker Du influence and race to end, to final track ‘Comatose’ with it’s laid back Codeine stylings and big Joy Division bass. Sandwiched in between is the post-punk Aussie rattler ‘Skitter’, bringing to mind the tinny D. Boon guitar tones of the Minutemen or even the Fire Engines. ‘Model Negative’ is a backwards guitar duet of exquisite and experimental beauty that ties the whole EP together.

The songs on this EP were recorded in the hellosQuare studio, best known as Brick Lane. They had spent just a few days doing their first album in an external space back at the end of 2015 but this time decided that they wanted to develop a whole selection of new songs with more time and not rush the process.

The second collection of songs from these recordings is available now from our good friends at Sonic Masala:

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