Andy Rantzen and Jochen Gutsch – 5th June 2016

Cat #: 187TZM


The duo’s debut EP was originally released on Wood & Wire in 2015 and re-released on tenzenmen in June 2016. For this EP, the verses explore the playful, magical and untrustworthy. The music rapidly changes shape, direction, speed and mood. Each piece is exactly two minutes long. This is the realm of the charlatan.


Released by tenzenmen in June 2016, for this EP, the sound is stripped to a pure piano and spoken-word performance. The lyrics examine the nature of death and dying from the perspectives of the soon-to-be-bereaved and his or her observers. The piano work cycles between cold detachment and intense emotion. This is the realm of the human.


The final instalment of the duo’s three-part EP series comes out in April 2018 on tenzenmen. This time, sawtooth synths and off-kilter drum machines build the musical framework for Andy’s voice. The lyrics cover topics such as magical thinking, the virtues of simplicity, and techniques for the avoidance of suicide. This is the realm of the realist.

Andy Rantzen is a Sydney-based recording artist and writer best known as part of the duo Itch-E and Scratch-E alongside Paul Mac. Since 1989 he has released a steady stream of material under his own name and in collaboration with Cherry2000, Pelican Daughters and others.

Jochen Gutsch is a German-born musician and composer who lives in Sydney. He has played hundreds of shows internationally and released a large number of albums in various formations, mostly under the name Hinterlandt.

In their duo, Andy handles the words while Jochen handles the music. The chosen format to release the music is a series of EPs on independent Australian label tenzenmen. Each EP is based on a different lyrical and sonic concept and follows a clear set of rules. Each new EP will be added to this album as they become available.

All cover photographs by Lawrence English.

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