Mark E. cha cha – 27th January 2018

I only recently understood the meaning of Aladdin Sane.  Not the song/music but just those two words.  Duh!

I slept through the heat of the day, a bit more fitfully than yesterday’s deep dreamless rest.  The whirr of the overhead fan blades never reminded me of the first scene in Apocalypse Now and thankfully, this isn’t the end.

God bless Saturday
God bless Saturday

A women’s laugh from a backyard party on our street woke me, someone’s having fun.  A creaking door, a turned tap.  It doesn’t bother me, it doesn’t upset me.  People are just being people going about their days.

Day by day
The moon gains on me

The dreams I was chasing are quickly forgotten but I know they were good.

And it’s quiet again
Hidden figments, surface now
Repetitious history
One more time for the record

Last day of four night shifts again.  I’m starting to flag.

The man who’s head diminished. Sounds like my head, trying to unravel this lot
I can tell you Sparky!

A day and a half break to do some washing and reading and then back to it, but at least back on regular shifts, which will at least give me three and half day breaks again though I may see if I can get some more overtime cos money is money.

If your rates too high
Put your life on this bit of paper


Amy insists I bring her at least three bags of goon from Australia despite me having a full bag already.  Aussie wine is expensive in Thailand and Amy sounded like she needed a drink tonight.  I’m anticipating my first drink of the year when I arrive in Thailand too – will probably knock me off my feet.

Good riddance to my native country
It never did a thing for me
It’s a better life here


It is a good life here
Football and beer much superior…

Good night Marquis.

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