Is this all I am to hear for the rest of my days? – 13th March 2018

Blood and death? Is this all I am to hear for the rest of my days?

Could you not find pleasure in the act of love –
Or have you become so perverted that you find excitement and entertainment only in brutality?

30th Jan 2022 – Poignant words in 2018 and still 4 years later, and, sadly, probably for any time in recent human history. I forget which comic this comes from and don’t recognise the character – maybe The Question. It’s kinda ironic to note that he is being brutal whilst complaining about others brutality!

I recently asked my students how to fix pollution and one laughingly suggested killing all humans. Drastic but perhaps the only real solution. They played out the whole scenario talking about everything else would just continue its normal cycle of growth and rebirth and perhaps one day humans would evolve again but with the ability to learn not to make the same mistakes.

Let me know your thoughts

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