There’s nothin’ left to talk about unless it’s horizontally – 14th February 2020

Body swap story idea (unrealised)

Donald Trump in the body of a sexy topless non-white siren
Rescuer – a full-blooded man with a strong desire for sex with the siren

A post-apocalyptic Earth with white people on the run from the rest of the planet’s people. Trump as President was shot and killed but a mind scan backup was quickly made and transferred to the siren by the rescuer. The rescuer chose the siren for obvious reasons. She was just a stupid chick before and now she is a stupid President chick.

28th Dec 2022 – I think the genesis of this idea is taken from stories in the 1994 comic anthology.

Gratitude Journal

I am so happy and grateful to find my clothes washed and ironed each week

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