Dry your tears, we did everything we could – 8th June 2020

Hot Snakes CD on shelf while stretching has removed Heavy Vegetable – Gar Wood, Gar Wood, Gar wouldn’t listen.

Heavy breathing, hot and sweaty, 30 squats, aching back – tried stretching it out – wish my body felt perfect but I go on just ignoring the pain or diverting thoughts away from it. Wrist ache – thumb ache – from writing. Don’t want to stop. (illegible) today. Dollars – more pain – hopefully, alleviated.

Green, green the garden now so many shades of green – I love it.

Congratulated Amy on her sudden garden passion and all the work she put into it. Drive the truck today – needs diesel – have to remember it’s not 91! Remember yr toothbrush too. Where to park that massive truck? Let’s see – everything will be okay.

Tell Champ you’re going to the dentist. Go to the banks too – sort out PayPal and WeChat.

Hot hot hot – sweat gathered on arm. What else is inside this crazed brain? Get it out.

Slept well, woke up during the night to the sound of the aircon self-cleaning but ignored well enough and drifted back to dreams. Maybe annoyed Amy but she was too lazy to get up and turn it off. Nevermind. Amy is lovely. I’m so happy and grateful every day to have her in my life because she takes care of herself and all the things around the house. Good she is distracted with garden instead of just drinking the day away now.

Gratitude Journal

I am happy and grateful for the good time I had last night drinking beer, listening to Alice Donut and Can, and doing a jigsaw!

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