We’re gonna carry on for another day – 13th July 2020

Quick pages. Dark and raining, cool and humid. Motivated this morning but teeth hurt. Dream? I know I had them.

Suck in deep breaths. Mini workout – my style – one day I’ll do more. Slowly, slowly is okay.

Busy day ahead? Maybe – let’s see – can face anything now right? You can, you can. Brain blur – meditate.

Gratitude Journal

I am so happy and grateful for my new chair so I can relax outside and watch the football. I felt great.

7th Sep 2022 – I was trying to think what this chair was and suddenly remembered. It was a kind of comfy padded folding chair without legs so you could adjust it in many ways. It was good for a while but the arm mechanism soon broke and one drunken evening Amy kept tripping over it and picked it up and threw it into the yard where it broke even further. I think it must still be in my man cave, which is a place I need to visit and make sure has not been fully taken over by spiders and insects and hope that the roof has not leaked with all the rain. About 95% of my CD collection is still in there.

Let me know your thoughts

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