Annual Caper – 15th June 2021

Running around, filling in forms
Photocopying passports and paper
Wasting time and wasting petrol
On this stupid annual caper
“You’ve done it wrong, take it back”
Take it to another station
Always use blue ink, never black
For those lovely folks at immigration
“Thanks for coming, we’ll take your money
But go away and do it right”
Said one thing and meant another
“Now get the hell out of my sight”
Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full
Please let me stay in your land
It’s enough to make you want to leave
This isn’t what I’d planned
It’s like you don’t want us here
Unless we pay through the nose
Your useless corrupt system’s
Designed just to keep us on our toes
I’m trying to make it along here
A house with pets, a job and a wife
But maybe it’s time to reconsider
Where I spend the rest of my life

Let me know your thoughts

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