Me And You, Talking – 14th March 2022

It was something that you said
I took it to my heart
You don’t remember it
Insignificant on your part
Those words always guided me
As you moved further away
I repeated those words often
It became a thing that I would say
Now I no longer speak it
Just as you have too
The language is forgotten
That made me me and made you you

It is impossible for a person to begin to learn what he thinks he already knows.


14th Mar 2022 – I’m not quite certain what, or more likely who, inspired this poem. I had a couple of candidates until I got to the last stanza. I like the wordplay in the last line but don’t think I wrote the poem just to use it!
As for the quote, I can imagine using this in reference to many people I have met or know but every time I do that with words of wisdom I remind myself that I should be applying this to myself.

Let me know your thoughts

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