A Half Head – 5th October 2022

There’s a pink and a black
Could this be the game’s end?
Snookered by lust unsatisfied
Does the old man need a new friend?
A foot in two rivers
And maybe the sea will never be found
A head in two halves
A vehicle in which to be drowned

…at the last we shall not know which was the dream – the years of plenty or the barren years that descended like a storm in the night and swept our youth away.

John Middleton Murry

Today I’m feeling:
Tired but chilled
Today I’m grateful for:
Having some extra sleep time. I felt a little regretful at wasting my morning but I really enjoyed it.
The best thing about today was:
The uni student with half pink and half black hair. I liked it. It was very striking and I wanted to take a photo but I wasn’t in the mood for talking today.

I took this picture because this was my view from my table at Daytripper at golden hour today.

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