Made Of Plastic – 6th October 2022

I’m made of plastic
I will melt in the sun
I’ll poison the grounds
Where clean waters run
I’m made of plastic
For 5 minutes convenient
Thanks to the dinosaurs
Providing my ingredient
I’m made of plastic
I’ve no use to think
Formed into containers
For the water that you drink
I’m made of plastic
Providing a life of ease
I may not live forever
But longer than the trees
I’m made of plastic
Cancer waits its turn
Coming to the ground near you
Or to the air to burn

Not rarely will a person suffer from neurosis that results from the situation of a sane man living in an insane society, rather than that of the more conventional neurosis of a sick man trying to adapt himself to a sick society.

Erich Fromm

Today I’m feeling:
Happy and chilled
Today I’m grateful for:
Being able to hop on my motorbike and pay my electricity bill at the shop when my app didn’t manage to work.
The best thing about today was:
Closing the gate this evening. In fact, for the last few evenings, the sky has been fairly clear and the temperature perfect to just stand and admire the moon, the stars and clouds as well watching multitudes of fireflies and storms gathering on the other side of the valley with great bright yellow flashes lighting the way.

I took this picture because Aing drew these little pictures when she was staying here when Amy and I were in Bangkok. They were a nice surprise to find when we got back home together, back in July.

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