Wildfire – 22nd October 2022

Taking hold, inspiring
Vague truths based on fear
Idle minds, enquiring
Further spread the idea
Like Chinese whispering
Messages manipulated
Open wounds blistering
New slogans, proudly stated
Moses pleads, dividing
The confusion reigns supreme
A past of deciding
Put an end to the dream
Barren earth, burning
Bushes dry for fuel
To darkness now returning
Death before the school

The law of progress holds that everything now must be better than what was there before. If you want something better, and better, and better, you lose the good. The good is no longer even being measured.

Hanna Arendt

Today I’m feeling:
Excited, thoughtful and dizzy
Today I’m grateful for:
Sunscreen. Thank you for protecting me today when it was impossible to escape the sun. Your smell does make me miss the beach though.
The best thing about today was:
My long long long ass bike ride to mountains previously unexplored. So much beauty along the way. It’s a paradise. For me, for now.
What brand best represents your values?
Hmmm…weird question. I don’t know what values brands have. Perhaps they promote themselves with having a particular value… I don’t know. What most folks identify with brands I feel no affinity with at all. To me, brands value one thing and one thing only and that is money. If their products are good then good because they fucking should be!

I took this picture because this magnificent tree stood out after turning back towards the temple from the river at Toeng. So much shade, in my mind I transported it back to our garden and I could sit under it all day.

Let me know your thoughts

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