Too Long Jack – 16th January 2023

Those words came to me each night
But I could find no pen to write
Wondering what it is you do
Since those times we once knew
Racing hearts and chasing dreams
Of racing carts and laser beams
The world was ours for the taking
Or to be born of our making
Pages wait for this ink’s touch
What to say, there’s just too much
I hope you recall all we did
Loving the slippery slopes we slid

Today I’m feeling:
Happy but a little agitated. I feel like I should have achieved more than I have.
Today I’m grateful for:
Mum’s soup in the freezer. She made this batch ages ago but I haven’t had to eat for all the time Amy was here. With a bit of salt and pepper along with some Oasis dried gluten, I felt like a master chef. Thank you microwave.
The best thing about today was:
Tangmo brought his friend to play in our garden whilst I was watering and they ran and rolled and tumbled with each other in doggy joy. The new dog is nervous but I was almost able to him this time. I didn’t push it though.
What was out of your control today and how did you handle it?
Today was Teachers’ Day at school where monks come and do some chanting and speeches are given, awards presented etc. The event ran on Thai time and I was hoping to get out by 10 but things were still bumbling along at 11. I was entertaining myself by talking with David and Gus for a while, reading articles and playing poker on my phone. I did get away and home by midday though.
Something I learned today?
I listened to a reasonable discussion between two Americans living in China discussing current affairs and got to hear a slightly different perspective on events there. I tend to ignore western media commentary on China but am aware that I do focus on the opposite and enjoy hearing positive things about China. This discussion (Sinicism podcast) made me consider things differently and I’ll check out more.
Write about a few of your favourite family traditions?
As a son, we didn’t have any traditions in particular. I guess when we lived with my grandparents we always had Sunday lunch together and I can recall at Christmas the relatives would come for lunch. As a father, I’ve not really continued or fostered any tradition at all. Bronwyn is from a large family and any traditions would be held on that side of Hayden’s family. There used to be big family get-togethers that I would sometimes attend even when I was divorced, also taking Kyoko with me. I don’t think Amy ever went though and it’s possible I stopped going by then too.

I took this picture because it was unusual to see Tigger sitting in the middle of the lawn. It’s like he was savouring the sunrise and sucking up the goodness of the sun’s rays. Kim meanwhile had already buried herself under the bedsheets for her 8-10 hour daily nap.

Let me know your thoughts

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