Lead By Example – 17th February 2023

Oh, won’t you show me the way?
As Peter Frampton used to say
If you want the world in your image
You’ll want everyone to play

If your example is to cheat and steal
This may not really appeal
If you can’t change and adapt
Perhaps your intentions are not real

If your example is subjugation
To control every other nation
Don’t be surprised when you fail
It’s a simple explanation

Do as you would have done
This is not a war for anyone
Compromise and coordination
Is how hearts and minds are won

Today I’m feeling:
Contemplative and calm today.
Today I’m grateful for:
Finding a stash of whiteboard markers in the teacher’s room as both of mine ran out yesterday. I was hoping to squeeze the last drop out of them until the end of the semester as new ones are usually hard to come by at this time of year. I was surprised to come across a pencil case with at least four new markers in. I was kind enough to leave two!
The best thing about today was:
With letting the M2 kids have free time today to allow those that wanted to go to Big’s funeral I enjoyed sitting with them and watching them entertain themselves with games, drawing and dancing. I was happy to let them divert their thoughts though many of Big’s class were still subdued.
What was out of your control today and how did you handle it?
There had been mention of some kind of conference this weekend that teachers would attend though both David and I had only heard it second-hand from other Thai teachers. As usual communication here is shithouse and I was quite prepared to just ignore it and claim ignorance. However, as we’ve had lots of free time with sports week and scout week I made a last minute attempt to get information by send ing a message to our department head, Kru Nu. She replied but only give the location, nothing about times or agenda. Oh well, it’s better than nothing I guess. The Chinese whisper is that registration is from 8am to start at 9am so I reckon I’ll get there close to nine and grab coffee at House on the way. It’s annoying that one of the cats has sprayed on my bed right near the pillow and I was hoping to be able to wash the sheets this weekend. David also told me he had to cancel plans too. As we always say, this is Thailand.
Something I learned today?
I saw a crazy video of a train line in the US that is in the same state as the recent accident there (Ohio) and holy shit I couldn’t believe that a train could even travel on it. The lines zigged and zagged and dipped and rose and looked well in need of repair. Later I read that there have been four derailments in the last two weeks, at least one of which also contained hazardous material. Along with video of an overturned road tanker spewing toxic gases into the air, it’s what you’d expect in a third world country.
What details am I noticing right now?
The powerful thudding bass from either Yerm or more likely some villager’s PA where they maybe singing karaoke or Thai luk krung songs. I can only hear the thuds. I’m sleepy and may even skip my shower. I can still smell the fabric softener in my Government Issue t-shirt despite having been wearing it for a week (though gh only usually ten minutes a day). I can also smell the candle burning in the bedroom to counter the smell of cat spray on my bed. I can hear the whir of the fan in my computer and in the power supplies for the camera system. I can feel the crick in my neck from laying down whilst writing this. Also the ache in my wrists. I’m also noticing the phone battery is about to run out. Good night Jim Bob.

From the vaults, I took this picture last month on my bike ride. Just looking at it again now makes me want to go again!

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