Friendly Gangsters – 18th February 2023

It all started as a lark
Making fun of those deserving
It bites as much as a bark
A record worth preserving
Upsetting difficult targets
Crooks hiding in plain sight
Questioning illegal profits
Someone serving the people right
A freedom of expression
Something democracy holds dear
Suddenly under suppression
For making a crime more clear
Unafraid to twist the knife
Further for all to see
At this risk of his own life
And the right to remain free
A legacy built by crooks
Hiding behind shirts and ties
An ever-constant cooking of books
And truths in fuzzy disguise
Though when money starts tasting sour
A problem must be burned
Friendly gangsters hold the power
That the people want returned
A David and Goliath fight
When many Davids band together
And shank with all their might
To topple corruption forever

Inspired by the firebombing of investigative YouTuber Jordan Shank’s (friendlyjordies) house and the corruption within the New South Wales government.

Today I’m feeling:
Tired, possibly getting sick. After visiting the psych last week we decided to try cutting down on my sertraline. I did that on Wednesday, taking just half a tablet. Then on Thursday I forgot to take it at all and didn’t sleep well that night due to my student being killed. On Friday, yesterday, I took half again but was so tired I got into bed at around 8pm. This morning I took half and started to feel dizzy in the morning. I know dizziness is a withdrawal symptom but with the possibility of getting sick too and not being able to relax this weekend, I don’t think I can deal with it back at school on Monday.
Today I’m grateful for:
The lunch provided at the hotel today which was more delicious than expected. Usually, there’s nothing I can eat at these kinds of functions and I would’ve happily gone without food but luckily there were two fish dishes, both of which were spicy. One had a dressing of red onions, lemongrass, ginger and chilli and I hoped it would knock the potential of this sickness out of me.
The best thing about today was:
Learning some new programs and applications that I can use for presentations. Despite only Thai being spoken all day it was simple to follow and interesting enough for me. At points, I was also able to catch up with some online reading as I waited for others to catch up.
What was out of your control today and how did you handle it?
The main thing out of my control today is tiredness and the feeling of getting sick. I will handle it by going to sleep early again tonight.
Something I learned today?
Scientists have been able to splice genes in certain breeds of mosquitos so that they will become sterile and die out over a period of time. The question being asked now is whether to introduce it into the wild and what possible consequences could arise from it.
Where do I feel most at ease?
Despite smelling of cat pee right now I’m very obviously most at ease in my home. I love it.

I took this picture because I started using honey in my tea as we ran out of sugar. The honey I bought is pretty old and doesn’t quite dissolve properly anymore so this is what I find after leaving my mug in the sink overnight.

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