Self Help – 8th March 2023

It’s a personal operation
I’m wielding the knife
Following my direction
Exorcising my life
Making deep cuts
Removing the clots
Tightening the nuts
Massaging the knots
Hacked and rebooted
Time to rise and shine
Finally, I’m suited
In this body of mine

Today I’m feeling:
Happy, tired, relaxed.
Today I’m grateful for:
Having the fine comb/brush that I can use for Tigger to try and get his coat under control now that it is shedding everywhere as summer is trying to settle in during the daytime at least. The nights are still lovely and cool though, which may be confusing for the cats. The comb is full of Tigger’s hair with just a few brief sweeps. He’s a non-stop shedder!
The best thing about today was:
Figuring out I should be able to get my iMac fixed if I buy the correct components and take them to the shop at Central. Should be just a couple of hundred bucks as opposed to a couple of thousand or more for a new system.
What was out of your control today and how did you handle it?
I forgot how tired I was by this evening and now realising I probably didn’t need a weed gummy as it’s just knocked me out and I’m in bed at 8.30 catching up on last night already. Handled appropriately.
Something I learned today?
I spent a fair bit of time whizzing around Quizziz, building up my lessons for next year. I’m hoping that integrating with it more will be more engaging for the kids. I need to spend a bit more time finding others who have used it innovatively and then borrowing their ideas. No point in reinventing stuff.
What happened today that was significant?
Not really anything. Check out what I wrote was the best thing about today and that’s about as significant as it gets.

I took this picture because Kim Chi has found a new spot for herself. I was looking all around, inside and outside the house, until I found her here.

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