What’s Cool and Unusual – 10th December 2008

first up – a call out for quarterbred:

Summer in Sydney means its time for the final Quarterbred for 2008! The December program at PACT space, boldly brings together local and interstate artists for collaborations working in video, dance, performance and installation. *


**Ship of Fools *want you, sailor, for the open mike section. It will be an open opportunity for you to provoke, agitate, repent and stay afloat. Live the dream. Become a God. Register at quarterbred@gmail.com or just turn up on the night.

*Ship of Fools* is soon to set sail on it’s volatile, caustic and sardonicjourney.
When you ask? *Saturday 13 December at 7pm*.
Where you cry? *PACT Space Erskinville**. 107 Railway Pde Erko *
Who you passionately whimper? Kelly Doley, Zoe Coombs Marr, Janie Gibson, Claudia O’Dougherty,
Anastasia Zaravinos, Ben Ellwood, Sue Thomas, Nick Capper, Billy Connelly and YOU.

Hosted by MCs Nick Sun (of PHUKLUB fame) and Frances-Francis (the bearded lady).
Our residencies include superstar artists from Sydney and Melbourne with artists talks Sat Dec 2o.

To be part of SHIP OF FOOLS or for further details and artist listings check out *www.quartrebred.blogspot.com*  or
call PACT space on 9550****!

Quarterbred is a resident company of PACT and are supported by the City of Sydney.
Quarterbred is an artist run initiative supporting emerging artists engaged in innovayion, experimentation and cross-pollination. Quarterbred is volunteer-run, and working on a part-time basis means that occasionally there will be a delay in our response. We appreciate your patience.


wed 10

Firstdraft Gallery, 116-118 Chalmers Street, Sydney
runs til December 27, 2008 at 6:00pm
Email:  tullyarnot@gmail.com

“I think sculpture is a more primitive form of art than painting… there’s something essentially infantile about the sculptural relation to matter. It has to do with the infant differentiating itself from the world.. of course, that’s a disaster, because the infant wants to think of itself as continuous with the universe – the infantile omnipotence. It’s a disaster when one realises one is discontinuous. There is the self, and all that is not the self. And sculpture has something to do with that fundamental feeling.”

– Carl Andre 1972

Obliteration explores the physical and emotional continuum created through loss of self. The works exhibited are situated between self and non-self, dissolving boundaries between artist, audience and curator.

Some works utilise interactivity as a tool to activate and complete the works, while others express an awareness of interaction through deliberate non-performance. These interactions reflect the psychologically regressive potential of self-obliteration, expressed in a way that explores base human relationships rather than intellectual analysis. Inherent to the physically human element of the show, is a strong sense of spatiality underlying the curation of each work.

The exhibition includes a number of artists who have no formal training, or that have previously never exhibited. The show looks at the artist’s personal expression of the self and the non-self as it exists both interior and exterior to the art field.

Opening night 10th December 6pm
Artists talks 27th December 4:30pm

Lauren Booker
Tara Cook
Angela Garrick
Neg Head
Alex Kiers
Jack Mannix
Orit Meylakh
Johanna Olminkhof
Sally Pittman
Chris Petro
Shaun South
+ More TBC


wed 10

consolador de dos caras
la campana, 53-55 liverpool st, sydney
8pm $5

Antipan – are Matt Earle, Sumugan Sivanesan, Anthony Guerra and Nick Dan.
They last rocked Sydney 4 years ago and include members of xNoBBQx, X Wave, Sven Simulacrum, SSS, etc
Releases are out on Breakdance the Dawn, Pulled Out and Musique Provocateaur. Go here to see their pink LP http://pulledout.org/antipan.html

Terrastylus – terrastylus like to meet for playdates in the space where analogue and digital collide. we spend most of our time collecting new nerdy gadgets and smithing rhymes like no gold digger could. our favourite things are power tools, signal paths, doing wheelies, and chasing girls. xx

Monica and the Explosion – Monica and The Explosion is Monica Welander a 29 year old rock artist from Sweden.
As a solo artist performing with only an acoustic guitar and playing her own explosive rock music she is something extraordinary, and has been predicted to become one of Sweden’s best live artists. In July this year she represented Sweden at World Championships of Performing Arts in Hollywood U.S. where she received two silver medals.
The debut album was released in October 2007, produced by Monica herself, and new songs will be released in the beginning of 2009. She has recieved good response for her live shows all around Sweden, but also in Germany, Holland and Ireland.

rev 777 – also known as rank sinatra and dj rainbow ejactulation , a veritable plethora of alias as long as your arm and proud owner of goulborn poultry fanciers society label. Be prepared to expect the unexpectedly expected.

Eiterherd is an Austrian breakcore artist. He first got into experimental music in 1994, when he started DJ’ing hardcore and gabber around Graz, Austria and Maribor, Slovenia. In 1995 he started making music on a computer, using various trackers. In 1996 he together with Gwal he founded the record label Widerstand Records. The goal of Widerstand, besides just releasing music, is doing record business in a non-profit orientated way and using the platform for delivering political messages. In March 1997 Silent Revolution Records was founded as a sublabel of Widerstand records and later two more sublabels followed: reek.org and pornoir.com.
The first release on the label came out in October 1996: a limited split 12″ featuring Gwal and Eiterherd. In early 1997 Eiterherd and Gwal both released solo 12″ EPs. In 1999 Eiterherd released his first full-length album as a co- production between Praxis Records and Widerstand Records. The album used samples from the film 1984 and was titled 1984 vs. 1999.
In 1998 Gwal and Eiterherd split up and Gwal founded his own label Dusk Records. Eiterherd continues to manage Widerstand Records and is also responsible for the maintenance and design of Widerstand website online from late 1997 until 2006.


thu 11

Dirty Shirlows, 32 Shirlow St, Marrickville
7pm $5

This Thursday- from 7pm we’re bringing together niche schlock horror with rare performances from the damn original JRocker (Manifestival) and The Vultures (in some sort of configuration).


Zombie Holocaust, directed by Marino Girolami is an Italian horror disaster classic complete with a holey plot, verging on the rediculous. It was made during the Italiano horror craze of the 1970’s / 80’s and features a bunch of B-Grade actors that you’ve never heard of.

The plot deals with that age old question ” Hmmm.. I wonder what would happen if Zombies and flesh-eating cannibals came together for an all-out face biting, skin gnawing fight fest?”.

It’s worth a watch- believe me.


Bands 7:15-9
Film 9-11
Entry $5.00 (Dirty Shirlow’s funrdaiser)
Also popcorn, vegan cupcakes and non vegan caramel slices for sale.


sat 13

220 Trafalgar Street, Annandale
“this is in no way a bad idea” Vol. 1

Bare Arms, Pockets, Little a, Mark Lagana

Entry is: food for VegBQ, Cold dips or Gold Donation
BYO respect for other peoples property and this may be the first of many.
15 minute walk from Stanmore Station
or catch the 370 from Newtown to Booth St, Annandale
or 470 from City… again to booth st


sat 13

REPRESSED RECORDS< king st, newtown



sat 13

Dirty Shirlows, 32 Shirlow st
3:00pm – 8:00pm

The Momo Benchseat Band

Hey, we haven’t played for ages! But we have been jamming in preparation of recording an album. Come along and listen to brand new Momo songs… Yeah!
First set: 3pm
Second set: 6pm

++  i’ll either be at these events or wishing i was there  ++

Let me know your thoughts

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