Keeping up with tenzenmen – 12th June 2012

New titles

Mere Women – Old Life LP
Due: Late June
After a 2 track 12” release and lots of valuable support shows Mere Women release their debut LP, Old Life.

Idylls – Farewell All Joy LP
Due: Late June
Idylls devastating debut LP Farewell All Joy will come in a selection of coloured vinyls.

Nikko – Gold & Red CD/Double LP
Due: Late June & July
Nikko’s sophomore LP Gold & Red will initially come on CD and later on Gold & Red double vinyl!

Hira Hira – Now Here Nowhere LP
Due: Late June
Life is hard for Hira Hira and they certainly let you know about it on their debut LP Now Here Nowhere.

Sunken Seas – Null Hour digital
Due: Late June
Big noise from New Zealand with Sunken Seas album Null Hour available via your favourite digital channels.

Little Shadow – Possessions CD
Out now!
Brisbane’s Little Shadow quietly drop their corker debut album Possessions.

New photographs

Mere Women at Black Wire
You may or may not know that tenzenmen is too old to jump around and get too crazy at shows these days, instead concentrating on capturing the moment with photographs. There’s a huge backlog of pictures to be processed, hence the latest photos posted are now over one year old.
These are of Sweet Teeth, Kasha and Mere Women and taken at Black Wire Records – let me know what you think? I’m slowly improving.
You can find all my pix here.

This month’s special

You didn’t see the Discover China CD packs special already? 6 CDs for $20 or 10 CDs for $30!

What? You want more?

How about the El Eje Del Mal/Inquiry Last Scenery split 7″ for just $5 plus shipping?


OK – been thinking about that god bows to math CD but $9 is just too damn much to pay? Enter the code “minutemen” on checkout to receive a 15% discount! Valid until June 20th!

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8th Sept 2021 – Having discovered Mail Chimp for newsletters and press releases I kicked off what I hoped would be a monthly update with what was going on with tenzenmen. It was a good time and a bad time! I got so busy that I didn’t have time to do more than six, up until mid-2013, and because I was so busy it would have been the best time to do a newsletter like this! Trying to keep up with Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp and whatever else to try and promote what I was doing was a whole other job that was way less fun than just enjoying music!

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