We got that attitude! – 2nd July 2020

Tired but had a good sleep. Lazy to work out this morning just stretch instead okay. The clouds – remember about clouds – oh yeah – best cloud of the day award – make a day of awards – will be fun and make you happy. I need to clean my room. Are my teeth okay? Feel better but need them to stay okay forever. Smell cat pee. Could just be damp humid air.

Learning Thai words but no chance to use really and when I do have chance someone Thai will usually say it first! The struggles of a language learner.

Walked KhaoThang home yesterday and jogged back. I have no stamina – had to rest many times! It’s okay though – felt good. My feet suck though. Knees too. Core too – haha! My body is slowly starting to know more about exercise again. I remember a time when I was filled with energy and stamina before my body grew into its twisted adult shape.

Gratitude Journal

I am so happy and grateful to the person in the bank who gave me what I need for my visa.

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