Fighting Life – 29th March 2023

It’s a game of chance
And you’ve got a bad hand
Heading for elimination
Whether to fold or stand?
Fighting for the right
To play one more round
To run across the roof
Or to be under the ground

Today I’m feeling:
Tired, headaches, sore eyes and demotivated. The grey colour of the sky reminds me of the dullness of England. There is beauty everywhere but unseen without a light to shine on it.
Today I’m grateful for:
My rolling massage balls that can pummel my hips whilst I’m watching tv on the floor. My left hip is particularly sore and needs more movement but with the situation outside I’m staying in as much as possible and avoiding doing anything that requires deep gulps of air.
The best thing about today was:
Haven’t done much of anything today so it must be reading more of Death’s End, the third in the Three Body Problem trilogy. It’s interesting because an alien race is coming and Earth comes together as best it can but is unable to ‘beat’ them. It has parallels with our own historical geopolitics.
What was out of your control today and how did you handle it?
Right now, I just sat down to watch Netflix and it’s not working. Guess I’ll keep reading then!
Something I learned today?
Lots of geopolitical stuff but I’m getting tired of the whirlwind of information and useless information. I should just check in once a week or once a month instead. Nothing that has been going on directly impacts me beyond the cost of living rising which is not really something I can control either way. I’ve saved some money these last two days by not going to work because I’m sick and not eating because of my medicine. If I lose some kilos I hope I can keep them off.
What do I know is true?
I will die one day.

Someone from Utopia took this picture because they were showing how we need super-efficient masks to fight the pollution. I edited the picture and pinched an Australian slogan as a sarcastic commentary.

Let me know your thoughts

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