*The Week That Was – 27th April 1981

Single of the week: Discharge – Why?, Members – Working Girl

27th April 1981
Back at school

28th April 1981
Sports day in 3 weeks

29th April 1981
Broke 2 records
High Jump 143
Long Jump 450

30th April 1981
Bit tired
Kenny you know Everett video cassette

1st May 1981
That’s today

2nd May 1981
mum’s not here

3rd May 1981
Records of the month
B-Movie – Remembrance Day
Tenpole Tudor – Swords of a Thousand Men
Blitzkrieg EP
Exploited – Dogs of War
Discharge – Why?

This week’s chart-topper is: Fucks Bizz – Making Your Mind Down

*The Week That Was – 20th April 1981

Single of the week: Blue Orchids – Work, Exploited – Dogs of War

20th April 1981

21st April 1981

22nd April 1981
Matthew is a liar
‘ad an ‘aircut

23rd April 1981
Last night
FC Cologne 0 – Ipswich 1

24th April 1981
Hoping Graeme comes
He isn’t you twat

25th April 1981
He might come today
ME 4 (I) L.Y.
Ipswich 1 – Manchester City 0

26th April 1981

This week’s chart-topper is: Bucks Fizz – Making Your Mind Up

*The Week That Was – 13th April 1981

Single of the week: Blitzkrieg – Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Dead (and EP), Positive Noise – Give Me Passion

13th April 1981
Staying at Sharon’s

14th April 1981
Aston Villa 1 – Ipswich 2
We scored the first two

15th April 1981
Made me own breakfast
The Public Image

16th April 1981
Nearly finished tapes

17th April 1981
I got a new watch
It’s good

18th April 1981
Ipswich 0 – Arsenal 2
Never mind

19th April 1981
Rang Graeme
The Bollocks

This week’s chart-topper is: Bucks Fizz – Making Your Mind Up

*The Week That Was – 6th April 1981

Single of the week: Public Image Limited – Flowers of Romance, B-Movie – Remembrance Day

6th April 1981
Fixing bike with Matthew

7th April 1981
Still fixing

8th April 1981
PiL No 31

9th April 1981

10th April 1981
Got some jeans

11th April 1981
Villa Park
Manchester City 1 – Ipswich 0

12th April 1981
Saw the shitty shuttle go up

This week’s chart-topper is: Shitty Stevens – This Old House