Final Absence – 30th April 2022

How to live is about how to die
Looking through this lens of a mountain
Any amount of life is enough
Let’s make do with its meaning
Dusting off the childhood discoveries
The horizon’s shimmer slows us down
The trees and the tides restless
Colours that are no longer heard
Time collapsed, reappears or not
These are the stranger things
An empty glass sits on the table
Radiating a crystal eternity
The night turns to different shades
So savour its infinite richness
The fires are burning from the inside
Bodies black and grey, becoming ash

inspired by Maria Popova writing about Stel Adnan’s ‘Shifting the Silence’

Many situations in life are similar to going on a hike: the view changes once you start walking. You don’t need all the answers right now. New paths will reveal themselves if you have the courage to get started.

James Clear

The Fix – 28th April 2022

It’s not fair to anyone
Not an accurate account
Reinventing the score
To a more positive amount
If it’s not complete
There’ll be hell to pay
But there’s no real benefit
At the end of the day
Everyone is a loser
When the rules are gamed
It’s so simple that it shouldn’t
Need to be explained
Put in some effort
Then rewards will follow
Why listen to a king
Whose words will ring so hollow?

All human beings love to suffer… The reason people love to suffer is that it makes them right.

Michael Shurtleff

David Icke’s Dog – 27th April 2022

Starseed shamans sharing their lizard dreams
Cosmic potential activated through DNA streams
The memories of all those galactic lives
Are proof to all that the multiverse survives
The message from above is the need to cull
Cast away, the disabled, the dark and the dull
The masters walk among us mere meat mortals
Downloaded to the metaverse through telepathic portals
The fallback plan is to evacuate to Mars
On Aryan ships fuelled by red dwarf stars
Go and build your superior master race
Leave the rest of us here, happy in our place

Inspired by a Jules Evans post on conspirituality and the connection between eugenics and fascism. At the same time watching the fourth season of The Man in the High Castle.

Little syphons the joy of life more surely than the wasted energy of indignation at how others have failed to behave in accordance with what we expected of them.

Maria Popova

The Week That Was – 10th June 1979

Right At Home – 26th April 2022

I walk around the zoo, muttering that life is hard
Search for a home in all the usual places
Simpler in the past, I try not to disregard
This family full of familiar faces
The time, the people, they all come and go
I learned to be comfortable on my own
Once I found myself then I’d know
That deep inside is my most sacred home

*inspired by The Tiny Wisdom

At a certain point no matter what your politics are, every action you take is political.

Geoff Rickly

Get Lost – 25th April 2022

How can you be lost
If you don’t know where you’re going?
How much does it cost
To be comfortable with the not knowing?
You take the first step
Outside the familiar loop of each day
And don’t you forget
You got ‘here’ but ‘there’ is a different way

*inspired by The Tiny Wisdom

Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.

Khalil Gibran

The Balloon Holder – 24th April 2022

Add another balloon to the balance
Watch the world from dizzy heights
Here’s another stone to pull you down
A day full of maybes and mights
Some days balloon turns to stone
And other days it’s the reverse
A terrible time turned out for the best
Then eating cake made things worse
Appreciate and accept these things
See them for what they really are
Everyone faces this difficult balance
And everyone has got this far
There are ways to share the weight
So be grateful when getting older
It’s ok to stay behind a while
Waiting to find the balloon holder

*inspired by an entry at The Tiny Wisdom

They laugh at me because I’m different. I laugh at them because they’re all the same.

often attributed to Kurt Cobain

Foundations – 22nd April 2022

When you’re talking to yourself, who’s listening? Who’s talking?
You can never see yourself, not with your own eyes
Who you are is not for you to say but that is what you must be
Do the job and do it well is the foundation you must realise

Maybe we don’t want to talk about it. Perhaps we believe that unexamind luck isn’t quite as fragile.

Seth Godin

Time’s Up – 21st April 2022

Hello friend, I’m just passing through
But I’m grateful that I got to know you
Thick as thieves, inseparable brothers
One and the same in the eyes of others
So friend, we never got to say farewell
Something happened, neither of us could tell
We didn’t mean to but life pulls in different ways
Memories remain the only thing that stays

There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still.

F.D. Roosevelt