Nikko – About the Spirit – 22nd August 2011

Cat #: 077TZM

Nikko’s latest release, a double A-side single entitled ‘About the Spirit/Smoke Alarms’, features two new tracks taken from the band’s upcoming sophomore album, due for release later this year. 

The tracks demonstrate a stylistic change in direction that showcases frontman Ryan Potter’s skills as a songwriter and lyricist, along with the band’s collective ability to craft these skills into distinctive and compelling arrangements. 

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Ryan Potter – vocals, electric and acoustic guitars 
Sam Whiting – bass 
Jackson Briggs – lead guitar, slide 
Blair Westbrook – drums, percussion 

Guest vocals on ‘About the Spirit’ by Jacinta Walker 
Violin on ‘About the Spirit’ by Adam Cadell 
Piano on ‘Smoke Alarms’ by Daniel Kassulke 

Recorded by Cameron Smith at The Old Museum and Browning Street Studios in June/July 2011. Mixed by Cameron Smith. Mastered by Naomune Anzai at Reel 2 Real Mix Master. Artwork by Trent Evans. 

Special thanks to Cam Smith, Nao Anzai, Jacinta Walker, Adam Cadell, Daniel Kassulke, Elanor Khan, Trent “Big Dog” Evans, Shaun Tenzenmen, all of our wonderful friends and family, anyone who’s ever bought a recording, come to a show or let us sleep on their floor, and the Brisbane and Australian independent music community. Cheers!

Crouching 80s Hidden Acronym​/​Rara Avis – 11th August 2011

Cat #: 061TZM

Once described as “feel good hip-core”, ‘Crouching 80s Hidden Acronym’ only resist easy classification through a complete lack of musical attention span. Refugees from the country-music embattled north west NSW, Crouching 80s move with the flexibility and martial arts skill of the movie they are loosely named after (but which none of the members have actually seen). The band’s latest release ‘Truth Masseuse’ could be described as math influenced indie punk. 

The disc is a split EP with ‘Rara Avis’, a shoegaze outfit which includes most members of Crouching 80s and friend Andrew Rutherford. This latter half of the split is called “Itch Bin” and sports chunky 8-bit drum sounds. Completely self produced, this split showcases the creativity, versatility and good humour of this group of guys.

Alternative China – 4th August 2011

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