Poems on this day – 12th May 1989

Miserable Mr Aymes

Don’t talk back, he snapped
Her neck fell apart – she collapsed
The floor is the place for the terrible games
Of the man in black – miserable Mr Aymes

Heady Days

Sometimes I find it hard to keep my head
I haven’t been straight in quite a while
Can’t remember if I’m still alive
I know I’d like to die in style


Life a flower you clipped a week ago
I’ve wilted in the summer sun
Cut at the roots, still stuck in the ground
I can’t pretend I’ll be here long
In my short time on this here earth
I try to consider what I’ve achieved
Not a lot I say to myself
‘Cos I’m dying for what I believed

Heavy Metal Lyric – 9th May 1989

The galloping horses of impending doom
Are drawing ever closer          
The storm clouds of hell         
Are looming ever nearer         
The virgin pure is kneeling      
Trembling at the altar
The vision of death I comprehend         
Is becoming ever clearer         
Death, blood, sex, satan, alcohol           
Spit beaaugh puke aahhh

Poems on this day – 9th May 1989

Ten Men

Ten clever men sat smelling the orchids
Then ten clever men started feeling awkward
When ten clever men – psychiatrists
Examining each other’s peculiar twists
Ten clever men started again
Repeated the session over and over again
Discovered not as clever as had thought
Ten men – a lesson had been taught

Abstract as a Function

World – grows bigger every day
We’ll sink into the sea before I get a say
The sky’s choke on poison we dare not breathe
If I had a chance I’d like to leave
This is abstract around me
Something we can see

Drinking Problem

I have no drinking problems as your scars will show
I have no drinking problems ‘cos I told you so
I can take my drink – I don’t drink much
Drinking problems – I have none as such
You’re the one who has the problems
The black eye, the cigarette burns
Everyone laughs at you
Hell, even I do
I couldn’t do half the things you say
I can’t remember them anyway


Throw your frisby to a friend
Repeat it over again
Try and catch it if you will
Throw it back harder still

Poems on this day – 1st May 1989

Beautiful Air

The beautiful air I breathe
Is not contaminated and diseased          
With the filth from your cities  
The beautiful land I see          
Is where I would like to be      
Together, you and me
The beautiful feeling I hold inside        
Is for you alone   

Turtle Underwater

Swimming in the specific notion
For your ailments I have a potion         
Rub it on like a milky lotion    
No problems, no commotion 

We Know What You’re Up To

Got a mind itching, I just can’t relax
Wanna know the truth, wanna hear the facts       
If I knew what you were up to  
I think I’d age twenty years 


There was an accident on the corner today
I saw the fireman take the victims away  
People watched in morbid curiosity       
Five people dead – one whole family      
Chicken and chips please        
What else does the paper say?