Sure – 24th October 2022

Why does what you believe make you so mad?
If something else was true would it really be so bad?
So angry at the skies you take it out on the clouds
So oblivious to yourself as you fight amongst the crowds
Was it something that you lost that others took away?
Did someone take their ball so that you couldn’t play?
Divided we are conquered, that’s the way it’s been
Let’s celebrate our diversity to realise our dream

Wildfire – 22nd October 2022

Taking hold, inspiring
Vague truths based on fear
Idle minds, enquiring
Further spread the idea
Like Chinese whispering
Messages manipulated
Open wounds blistering
New slogans, proudly stated
Moses pleads, dividing
The confusion reigns supreme
A past of deciding
Put an end to the dream
Barren earth, burning
Bushes dry for fuel
To darkness now returning
Death before the school

Lazy Princess – 20th October 2022

Princess Amy, she’s so lazy
She will never become the queen
Made her teacher really crazy
Because she lives inside a dream

Princess Amy still never learns
But all her friends are growing
They are all taking their turns
Off to bright futures going

Will the princess ever see
The wisdom of work instead?
Will the princess ever be
Able to get out of her bed?

a poem for one of my students

Day Trip – 19th October 2022

One tooth hag with leather jacket
Brown from bent back stooping
In exposed fields of watery weed
Where crucified shirts scare birds swooping
Every home with a lemonade stand
Auntie and child in hammock swinging
Dancing girls adorn a bamboo stage
Drunken uncles make attempts at singing
Families ring the rubber trees
Teenage boys ride off for fishing
In ditches and streams formed in rainy season
Sat in sun, waiting, hoping, wishing
Up towards the tree-lined tops
Down to the valley fires are burning
The circle of life that never stops
Just as the water wheels are turning

Derelict – 18th October 2022

Smashed windows and roof decayed
A place where memories were once made
Now hidden to the exploring eye
Possibilities came here now gone by
One day the love in my own home
Will be left to explorers unknown
Pondered upon with little idea
Of all the things that happened here
The tiles will crack and ceilings fall
Jungle vines will creep up the wall
The once-pretty garden overrun
Plastic disintegrates in the sun
The roaming ghosts of our happy cats
No longer worry the scurrying rats
Body broken as the irons rust
Will all be blown away as dust

Our Dark Side – 17th October 2022

You are a nice and pleasant person
Loath to admit or examine your dark side
As your fallibilities may worsen
Deep insecurities, desires to hurt people
Fantasies of revenge, suspicious of others
Your hunger for power and attention
Attempts to place you above your brothers
This dark side haunts your dreams
Leading to inexplicable depression
And blame laid on circumstances
As you fail to understand the lesson

inspired by a Robert Greene piece from Daily Laws

You Won’t Believe Number Four – 16th October 2022

Here’s a list of things you must see
There’s something here to set you free
And you won’t believe number one
Something no one else has ever done
If that really doesn’t tickle your fancy
Number two will surely make you antsy
And number three has so much more
But you’ll never believe number four
Scroll on through to five and six
You’ll start to see these amazing tricks
Manipulations to make you laugh and lol
To make sure the way on the infinite scroll