Going off! – 22nd May 2011

Chatswood Youth Centre went off last night, rammed with kids!

13th May 2011 – Not sure who was playing and I was probably just passing by to grab some dinner but it was great to see kids coming out to check out the music and for a while, shows were happening there almost once a month. Picture is taken from a video of Legions playing there at some other time.

When not found in the warehouses and alleyways – 20th May 2011

Group: ‘I Want Live Music Venues – So I Go To Gigs

A few bands headed out to Orange last year – I think folks are keen to play outside Sydney even if the audience is small.

Hmm – in the punk scene Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth have new vital music scenes and Melbourne bands travelling to there (and Sydney) say how much better it is than Melbourne. Get out of the pubs and make your own venues.

There’s a whole stack of things on tonight outside mainstream venues. I reckon I’ve been to about 6 shows in the last 18 months at regular ‘pub’ venues but I still manage to get to see bands every weekend. I love Sydney!

I’m mostly at Black Wire (blackwiretocommonground.blogspot.com) when not found in the warehouses and alleyways of Marrickville.

Red Rattler also has a good show tonight with UV Race, Holy Balm and Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys (not far from the international noise conference venues) – redrattler.org

Orlacs Hände – CD – May 1st 2011

Cat #: 057TZM

Not much good comes from Brisbane, but when something breaks through and makes an impact, it makes the city and those who pay attention to its music take an awestruck step back. During their all-too-short lifespan, Orlacs Hände was a band that did just that. 

For years, the record meant to be Orlacs Hände’s debut EP laid in a state of dormancy. It saw a limited cassette release overseas and quickly became impossible to track down, and those wondering if it would ever see the light of day finally lost hope. Now, tenzenmen is proud to announce that we will be righting that wrong and releasing the EP ourselves – the way it was meant to be. 

Everything that made Orlacs such a formidable and affecting live act is here: the gut-tearing screams; the shattered-glass guitars; the polyrhythmic, driving drums – but the six songs that make up the record are the real stars here. There aren’t many releases in this genre that pack so much originality and anguish into a package as compact as this one. This is a lost classic, and it’s about time it got the attention it deserves. 

FOR FANS OF: Portraits of Past, Noisy Sins of the Insect, Funeral Diner, & Tristan Tzara.

31st Mar 2021 – I remember this first sentence causing some controversy with some Brisbanites but this text was actually written by a local!

Alternative China – 1st May 2011

Alternative China tumblr

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