Steal away the morning light – 31st October 2019

My main achievement today was to kick off the process of writing lessons again. I’m a little frustrated at knowing exactly what is required but just sitting down and thinking about it all again was good.

I revised my letter to Hayden and will need to tweak it a little more after sending it to his mum to see what she thought.

Tomorrow is back to the grind – I want to make it less of a grind this time. The reward for my effort previously was very motivating but once it got pulled out from under me by the pettiness of Kru Paew it was all the more painful.

I’ve been learning how to better deal with these kinds of situations but I also feel a little self-protective and will try to balance my time investment into what I’m teaching and what other things I want to do. I do tend to fully dive into things and focus a lot on becoming good at something but it often takes the focus away from other important things too.

Gratitude Journal

I am so happy and grateful to have this new opportunity teaching at a new school. I’m a little nervous but also excited.

I sent four letters but none received – 30th October 2019

This morning I set myself a fairly modest goal to write a letter to Hayden. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen during the day as we were supposed to go to Takky’s new house at midday but anyway I didn’t rush to write the letter and enjoyed the morning learning some Thai and brain games and a little bit of reading.

After lunch and a bit more reading I went to my office and sat down to write the letter. I tried listening to music but found I couldn’t concentrate.

Anyway, an hour and a half later I had all my thoughts down. I will review and revise it tomorrow before sending it to Hayden and his mum.

Somewhat energised I managed to record another music podcast and do a few minutes of exercise. I’m feeling like I can do that more habitually once my new work schedule is settled. I’ll get back into writing here again every day too.

Do unto yourself what you would recommend to others.

– not sure who to cite for this quote!

Gratitude Journal

I am so happy and grateful that Amy’s mum is clear of a liver tumour. She looked so happy yesterday having found out. It also made me think about her dad, who is not so bad in his own way. They have both helped us a lot.

The Chiang Rai Alternative Hour #09 – 26th October 2019

Music from Flin Flon, Butthole Surfers, Rudi, Walt Mink, Trumans Water, The Residents, Flesh Narc, Meteoro, Andy Partridge, Girls Against Boys, Patrick Fitzgerald, Daniel Striped Tiger, Really Red, R.D. Burman featuring Asha Bhosle, Husker Du, Poison Dwarfs and The Lambrettas.

Gratitude Journal

I am so happy and grateful to have the courage to explore the places we go and discover cool little cafe bars like this and meet their eccentric owners.

Mae Sai hidden cafe