Daighila/Grinding Halt – 28th January 2013

Cat #: 120TZM

Daighila from Malaysia delivers two tracks of early Envy inspired hardcore mixed with some Neil Perry in the mix. You know the stuff when screamo wasn’t a curse word yet and this sort of music was delivered by punks. Well. It’s still around. Hectic, fast, melodic and with passion.

This will be Grinding Halt’s 2nd split 7” this year and here they deliver their longest and heaviest track to date. Three riffs is all it takes really. Think Eyehategod with heavy, distorted vocals. Blunt and without any thrills.

Split label release with Graanrepubliek Records (Netherlands) and Bullwhip Records (Malaysia)

Nick Van Breda/zzzounds – 1st January 2013

Cat #: 127TZM

Since a teenage Nick van Breda taught a ten-year old Dave Drayton sax at the local primary school, their musical paths have continued to cross. Whether it was their previous bands and other projects (Animal Shapes, Lights Out, Between The Devil & The Deep, Milhouse) sharing bills, or playing together in the sadly too short-lived North Shore HC act Rich Kid$ the two haven’t been far apart.

Finally, after years of plugging away at their solo endeavours – Nick under his own name, and Dave under the zzzounds moniker – the two team up for a split release on 7” vinyl via Tenzenmen Records.

Each contributing one track, both inspired by Dave’s move into the basement of Nick’s house, and recorded by Nick over a weekend in a beach house on the New South Wales south coast, this split shows two unique approaches to the solo songwriter mode with a guitar, a voice, and little more.

Pressing limited to 100 black (with black stamped cover), 100 clear (with red stamp cover), and 5 test presses.
All hand numbered and assembled.

Dave & Nick thank Dylan Adams, Jono Barwick, Annie Walter, Carlc, and Shaun Tenzenmen.


Recorded at Potato Point over a weekend in 2011 by Nick van Breda.
Mixing & mastering by Dylan Adams at Free Energy Device Studios.
Label and stamp design by Annie Walter.