Another Slag – 27th April 1988

Talk to me but no more shit
I’d like to see you but your face don’t fit
I know what you want but you won’t get it
Another slag looking for another hit
She says take me – I’ll throw you away
Someone will have you – just another lay
More than you deserve – that’s what I say
I can see your act – your stupid play
Another slag – another day
No way

Suburban Bitch – 22nd April 1988

You’ve got it all but you want more
To walk on everyone across the floor
Your life is made, that’s not enough
It’s so easy you gotta make it rough
All your friends you’ll lose
Everyone you will abuse
There’s nothing for you to choose
But you know you can’t refuse
Small offers
From smaller lovers
You’ll be the one who suffers
At the hands of others