What’s Cool and Unusual – 23rd April 2008

Pic: inside Dirty Shirlows

wed 23

consolador de dos caras
la campana, 53-55 liverpool st, sydney
$10 8pm

this is the one we’ve been waiting for! and the line up has blossomed madly! first band will be on at 8.30 tonight so BE EARLY!

the laurels – the laurels are a 5 piece psychedelic/shoegaze band from sydney. first taking the stage in june 2006, the laurels juggernaut has accumulated accolades, guitar pedals and fans in approximately equal proportion.

Vialka – Vialka is an inflatable submarine that survived the commercial war. It travels unrestlessly around the world to explore the rich diversity of its cultures before it is too late. Vialka is a noisy comedy not ashamed of its own way by scorn or ridicule. It is an invitation to dance to steady explosive rhythms, terror melodies and experimental movements. It is a symphony for humble flesh through the high spirits of rock’n’roll. Globetrotting mavericks and dynamic two piece from everywhere and nowhere, Vialka unfailingly blow the minds of the uninitiated! With the world’s smallest and hardest hitting female drummer and ungodliest (un)bearded baritone guitarist, this band surpasses all expectation of the possibilities of popular music!

ian wadley – played with bird blobs, jandek , mick turner plus a whole list as long as your arm. have a look at the website for more info. Oh and also brother to greg of new waver fame

the question – Formed through a combination of too much time + equipment and lack of like minded individuals. no more sitting around >>>time to mess around.

as if these bands weren’t enough there will be other crazy shit going on in the front room:


– 10kfreemen is the alias of Tom Gilmore, an Australian chiptune artist. Tom began making Game Boy music in early 2007 with very little exposure to the world of chiptune. His early minimalistic style developed with his exposure and increased involvement with the scene, along with the development of a live show to express himself to new audiences and expose a new genre of music to an unaware Sydney, Australia. http://10kfreemen.com http://myspace.com/thefloortom


Often described as a mathematical anomaly, Divide is setting out togive a big lo-fi fuck you to mathematicians. ”Anomalise this, cunts” he has been heard to say, wielding a gameboy in each hand whilst shooting lazers out of his eyes. He also occasional designs flyers for No Frills.


In the wild, Przewalski’s Horses live in social groups consisting of a dominant stallion, a dominant lead mare, other mares, and their offspring. The patterns of their daily lives exhibit horse behavior similar to that of feral horse herds: Each group has a well-defined home range; within the range, the herd travels between three and six miles a day, spending time grazing, drinking, using salt licks anddozing. The stallions can frequently be seen sniffing dung piles to confirm scent markings, and playing out 8-bit tunes in Sydney.


When not elbow-deep in recreational autopsy, Abortifacient likes to program Breakcore. Born in 2005, Abortifacient has taken his brand of Queensland Breakcore on a Japanese tour. Like a Gabber set at the Gympie Muster, Abortifacient’s live shows blend Psychobilly, Chiptunes, and Horror Film Fanaticism.

plus the usual DIY markets – bring your wares if you have something to sell


fri 25

‘stikki records’
510 king street, newtown , sydney
12.30pm all ages FREE

capa capo
death cage
rocksteady dub militia
doin it for the money
fuck oath.

its a public holiday so no excuses!


sat 26

wolli creek outdoor acoustic entertainment society
1pm meet at turella station

+ more


sat 26

Name: Killerwatts System presents…
Tagline: Death from Above
Host: Killerwatts
Type: Party – Night of Mayhem
Time and Place
Start Time: Saturday, April 26, 2008 at 9:30pm
End Time: Sunday, April 27, 2008 at 12:30am

Location: Dirty Shirlows Warehouse
City/Town: Marrickville, Australia


see breakcore.com.au or killerwatts.info on the day for more info


sat 26

vic on the park
Cnr Enmore Rd & Addison Rd, Enmore
8pm $10

Schrodingers Cat

Luca Brasi(Melbourne)

Dining in Tuscany

Hospital the Musical

i really wish i could go to this as it’s luca brasi’s only show in sydney this weekend. i’ve heard good things about dining in tuscany and i still haven’t seen hospital the musical or schrodingers cat! in my absence you should go check it out! and then head on round to dirty shirlows for mad dancing.


sat 26

YR wherehouse (contact me if you need address details)
8pm $?

castings, onani, pfm, pagan dawn


sun 27

low tea
jura books, 440 paramatta rd, petersham
11am free

from kat thaw:

i’m really excited about this sunday!!! we’re having a big tea / cake party at jura bookshop, with music by loads of lurvely ladies and then a bit of a discussion about women in diy music and activism.

my good friend lena has come up from melbourne to grace us with her gorgeous sounds, louise has some new tunes for our listening pleasure, anna will tearour hearts out with her musical tales and i’ll play some little bits i’ve been working on.

there’ll be a huge spread of vegan cakes and treats! feel free to bring some along if you’re extra inspired. and we’ve plenty of tea cups to go around!

most importantly there’s going to be a discussion of women and queers in diy and activist communities in sydney, but more broadly as well. don’t be shy – come and contribute!

the whole thingo kicks off at 11am on sunday morning (27th april) so don’t sleep in too much or you’ll miss out on all the edible goodies! jura bookshop is easy to get to – a five minute walk down crystal street from etersham station, or a short bus ride from central station down parramatta road. it’s number 440 on parramatta road, just a block from where norton street meets parramatta road. just next to the flag shop and opposite the bald faced stag (pub) if that helps.


sun 27

thirroul neighbourhood centre
1pm $5

hospital the musical
mary jane kelly
run! hide!
sound the mute
hira hira
let me down jungle man gently


get prepared for Malaysian screamo merchants DAIGHILA in sydney next weekend (sunday 6pm at hot new space Dirty Shirlows with amazing support from former republics, ohana and the thaw!)


++ i’ll either be at these events or wishing i was there ++

What’s Cool and Unusual – 16th April 2008

Pic: Circle Pit taken from Two Point Eight blog

wed 16

consolador de dos caras
la campana, 53-55 liverpool st, sydney

circle pit
dead farmers

plus the usual DIY markets and stupid dj’s


thu 17

40 great western highway, medlow bath

elise and jem,
hotel wrecking city traders,
hee haw


fri 18

emily hasselhoof – it’s an art show darling
opening party – drinks start at 7pm

Ruban Rat designer toy store and gallery, 423 king st, newtown
show ends may 8th wed-fri 11-6, sat 10-6, sun 11-5


fri 18

croation club, newcastle

hotel wrecking city traders,
elise and jem,

(sorry – don’t have an address for this – drop me a line if you’re keen to find out)


sat 19

40 fitzroy st, marrickville
8pm $?

hotel wrecking city traders,
elise and jem,
hee haw,
the thaw


sun 20

music farmers, wollongong
2pm (free i think)

hotel wrecking city traders, elise and jem

(don’t have the address for this one either)


sun 20


Please join us for the opening of our cafe and the launch of Crowbar my Heart squatting zine on Sunday the 20th of April, just near Rozelle markets – catch the 501 or 433 from central (I can get the exact address for those interested). Zine and tucker by donation. 11 to 4, delicious things on beds of sumptuous stuff, drizzled in homemade sauces. Fresh from the garden ingredients with tasty exotic flavour. Matching tablecloths. Plus optional extras:

1pm – Squatter aerobics with the Love Pump

2pm – Beyond the right to housing (reading group)

3pm – Crowbar connections (Networking)

For more info email comradecrowbar@yahoo.com.au

Squatter aerobics

Get physical with a unique whole-body workout to equip you for the rigors of jellywrestling and/or squatting. Good for all levels, beginner to advanced. Please bring a leotard, or at least comfortable clothes, and a towel. Note – aerobics will be cancelled in the event of rain or bad hangover, but you should bring your leotards anyway.

Beyond the right to housing

This is a reading/discussion group taking off from an interview with Alex Foti called ‘Precarity and N/european Identity’, available online at http://www.metamute.org/en/Precarity-european-Identity-Alex-Foti-ChainWorkers Hard copies will be available at the cafe. Points for discussion: paid and unpaid work, squatting and tenant struggles. Sounds boring but will be fascinating no doubt.

Crowbar connections

A chance for people who are squatting, or want to be, or are interested in working on squatting-related projects, or don’t really care, etc., to meet, network, share skills, propose projects, speed date, the possibilities are endless…

And more random stuff if people come up with it.


Calling all short film makers! Have your work shown at the Winter Magic Short Film Festival in Katoomba on Sat 21 June 2008!

The Winter Magic Festival is a wild street party held to mark the winter solstice every year in Katoomba. People dress up in all kinds of crazy costumes, there’s a street parade, and a whole day of events in various
locations around Katoomba. (check out the web-site: http://www.wintermagic.com.au/)

There are 2 short film locations during this year’s Katoomba Winter Magic Festival. One is at the Carrington Hotel and the other is on a bus to be located somewhere in Katoomba… We are calling for short films to go to the selection committee.

Do you have (or do you know anyone who has) a short film (or a few) that you want to show the world?

Please submit your films before May 15. The selection committee will have a series of selection screenings between May 15 and May 30 to select the films that will finally be shown on the day.

Include the following details when you send your DVD:

Name, Address, Email address, contact tel no, brief description of yourself and what motivates you to make films/ what you are seeking to accomplish.

Send your DVD to
Winter Magic Short Film Festival Selection Committee
c/o Akemi
40 Great Western Highway
Medlow Bath NSW 2780


coming up next week is VIALKA!  hard touring french two piece playing politically charged punk with traditional influences.  supporting will be the Laurels, Ian Wadley and Question? with a bunch of gameboy dj’s too!  will be huge!


++  i’ll either be at these events or wishing i was there  ++

Club Consolador De Dos Caras – 9th April 2008

Club Consolador De Dos Caras
9th April 2008
La Campana
$5 8pm Start

Do Not Resuscitate
Little a
Little Rabbit

15th May 2021 – I always tried to make shows as diverse and interesting as possible, which doesn’t always mean success, as many younger fans want a whole night of the same thing. Being a bit older, there’s nothing that would bore me further. This night featured indie-pop, hardcore and experimental synth pop and many of the participants were friends with each other. It always felt good to be part of this community and I often wonder about the scene in Sydney these days and if there are still people doing that.