Poems on this day – 15th June 1989

Somewhere to Play

Has your girlfriend got blonde hair?
And two pools that are deep blue eyes
Or is she someone when you see her
That you just recognize
Would you proudly tell your friends
That you’d love forever and a day
Or when you’re with your friends
Do you tell her to go away
She’ll soon find somewhere else to play
And maybe somewhere to stay

Cry Baby Kid Stick

Go and cry then, to your mother
You listened to their words
You caused a lot of bother
Punishment is incurred
And kid stick a knife in the womb
Which is his world
His only room

Poems on this day – 5th June 1989

Crummy Dream

Red and yellow tentacles to avoid
A verse in a hearse being destroyed
Stuffing that gauge right down my throat
My girl has turned into a goat
I gave you a secret you didn’t keep
Come on honey let’s go to sleep

Pointed Finger

The finger of accusation
From the fist of persuasion
A fingertip between my eyes  
Knew I shoudn’t have told those lies