Done – 21st March 2023

In the time it took to read this line
A million things could’ve been done
I’m feeling fine, searching for the perfect rhyme
Though perhaps this isn’t the one
Did you do the things you always wanted to?
Or just work away the days
I guess it’s true we never think things through
And time is the crime that never pays

New Wombs – 17th March 2023

We’ll birth our babies from sacs
So our mothers feel no pain
Patting ourselves on our backs
With this technological gain
A matrix of unborn babies
Hangin up in store
We take away one suffering
Perhaps replaced by more
A matrix of millions
Spat from artificial wombs
Why not exploit them further
In this society that consumes
Mothers now free of pain
Have more time for shopping
Acceptance is hard to explain
When there’s no sign of stopping

No Freedom – 15th March 2023

There’s no freedom without morality
Or institutions to provide education
For freedom to provide peaceful reality
Needs reassessment of this situation

We (a royal we, a royal we of the West) are obsessed with freedom but we’ve misunderstood its reality. Freedom does not mean freedom to just do as you please. It must have some moral guidelines and that part is being eroded and going missing in our modern western societies. I don’t know so much about other societies in depth but I feel that they have a different relationship with ‘authority’. It’s a choice to make and to pick your battles.