101 ways to shut down a venue – 7th February 2007

Sabot / The Thaw / Wog / The Warm Feelings
8pm, $10

One-Oh-One is a new independent space in Hibernian House ( room 101 in the stained glass building, 342 Elizabeth St, sizzle hizzayz). Come check it out!

23rd Oct 2021 – One Oh One was a relatively new space in Hibernian House run by Damien and Mert from the Warm Feelings. Unfortunately, its location within the building and the volume the Warm Feelings used the space to practice at caused problems with other spaces around and above. I think perhaps all bands got to play except Sabot before there were threats of physical violence and calls to the police. Ray from Wog was due to play with the Hard-Ons just around the corner at the Excelsior and was open to the idea of Sabot being able to play at the end of their set. Blackie wasn’t so keen and by the time it may have been a possibility Chris from Sabot had already had a couple of beers, which was a no-no for Team Sabot shows and the night ended up somewhat disappointingly all round.

ok – anyone on list who paid to come along to the sabot show with wog,the thaw and the warm feelings last night obviously didn’t get to see a full show for their money so i’d like to invite you to the following couple of shows for free entry:

sunday feb 11th 2pm at the pitz
the black hundred, gioconda smile, when chimps attack, half life

sunday feb 25th 2pm at the pitz
very much robot, wog, peewee, ohana

from the What’s Cool and Unusual weekly mail out

She’ll be coming round the mountain – 6th February 2007

Sabot / The Thaw / Sun of the Seventh Sister
8pm, $5

40 Great Western Highway, Medlow Bath, Blue Mountains. Akemi is a great little space and we can have trampoline comps in the backyard between bands. Bring that shit on – you know you love it.

Sabot are an amazing bass & drums duo from the Czech Republic.

Sabot are coming back to Sydney as part of their ‘around the world in 81 days’ tour.

Steph Thaw – http://thethaw.blogspot.com/2007/01/

23rd Oct 2021 – Akemi was a new space in the Blue Mountains, born out of the DIY improv scene and open to any kind of outsider music and art. Steph Thaw and I had taken a drive up to check out the space and this was the first (and only?) show I put on at Akemi though they had a reasonable run before various noise complaints stopped them, exacerbated somewhat by the Suns of the Seventh Sister practicing at max volume through the early mornings.

It was nice to get here before dark and just hang out a bit with the folks living here but I didn’t try out the trampoline.