No Name – 25th October 2022

It’s hard to let go
Difficult to say
We don’t know
And have a nice day
With no new idea
Aliens are blamed
We live in fear
Of leaving things unnamed

Where little happens and the gamut of expression is narrow, life is still full of joy and sorrow. You’re stirred by simple things happening in a quiet world.

Rockwell Kent

Today I’m feeling:
Happy and energetic
Today I’m grateful for:
Getting new tires and tubes on my pushbike. An unexpected expense but as I’ve not been driving much this month I’ve saved some money on fuel so I have enough spare.
The best thing about today was:
Splashing out for a decent meal of pesto prawns with rice and salad, followed by a banoffee drink and which all tasted delicious. I didn’t need to eat anything else today.
What are you grateful for right now?
Being able to order 50g of THC gummies on my phone. Well, why not?

I took this picture because I got the urge again to ride today. However, I don’t think I’d ridden it for a couple of years now and the inner tubes and tires had cracked and crumbled.

Let me know your thoughts

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