The Week That Was – 19th August 1979

Record of the week: Cutouts – D.I.Y.
Highest entry: Crusaders – Street Life

6th Jun 2022 – The Cutouts D.I.Y. is a great quirky tune, of its time, much in line with early Devo, XTC and Cardiac Arrest (pre-Cardiacs) though not quite as manic. There’s a tune on the guitar practice app I use (Yousician) that reminds me of this too. It’s fun to play and takes me exactly to 1979! Street Life has some cool funky elements but production values were already changing in this pop genre to what would become very familiar in the 80s.

19th August 1979
Nothing memorable today.
Saturday bought a book of cars and a special 12″ limited edition of Hersham Boys
2p 167p*

20th August 1979
Carnival in Aldeburgh
Bought some things
2p 165p*

6th Jun 2022 – No recollection of Aldeburgh so I had a look on the map. I believe Eileen and Dick lived in Saxmundham, at least, that name rings a bell and Aldeburgh is not far away. Finding photos of Aldeburgh too, upsets me a little that I don’t remember anything about it.

What I love about doing this investigation is seeing all these Olde English names again on the map. After watching The Last Kingdom over the last 12 months it’s interesting to see how names have changed or been influenced over time.

I’m a little bit more interested in English history than I was in school where things like the cavaliers and roundheads got boring very quickly. None of that stuff was given any context (that I remember anyway). Being a teacher now makes me think about the tough job my teachers had with me and my classes. How to make a class interesting for everyone?

21st August 1979
2p 163p*

6th Jun 2022 – Perhaps inspired by old war movies I started working on secret codes, though this one is pretty straightforward – no need for a Turing machine.

22nd August 1979
Arsenal 0-2 Ipswich
2p 161p*

23rd August 1979
1. Cliffie
2. Boomtown Rats
3. BA Robertson
4. Ian Dury
5. EWF
6. Darts
7. Sham 69
8. Specials
9. Abba
10. ELO
2p 159p*

24th August 1979
Come back from East Anglia
My room’s fucking bloody mess because of a puff
2p 157p*

6th Jun 2022 – Whilst we were away, Lorna and Jim would have stayed over and my cousin Elise would stay in my room. On this occasion, I had pinned string across various parts of the room to make it difficult to move around. Of course, she would’ve immediately taken it all down and thought I was an idiot!

But I was annoyed that she had done this and resorted to the common insult of calling her a puff, without knowing what it even meant. Probably we all called each other that at school.

I wonder if anyone that I went to school with was gay or not? There’s definitely no one that stands out. Being gay was still often derided then and coming out was a real big deal. Here, in the classrooms of Thailand, it is very obvious who is gay and no one cares. There may still be some in the closet but being an extravagant extrovert gay-as teenager is very common here. Girls too, have no problem, talking about liking girls. It is refreshing.

25th August 1979
Wolves 3-0 Ipswich
2p 2p 153p*

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