*The Week That Was – 16th February 1981

Single of the week: Kim Wilde – Kids in America

16th February 1981
OK day
in a way
St Michaels P – Ferndown P

17th February 1981
I’m knackered
Grange HILL

18th February 1981
Rugby Reds 32 – Blues 3
I’m red

19th February 1981
Off school cos still knackered from yesterday

20th February 1981
same as yesterday
Got Toxic Graffiti with CRASS flexi
It’s great Oi

21st February 1981
Ipswich 3 (2) – Wolves 1 (1) (2-0)

22nd February 1981
Managed to get a typewriter

This week’s chart-topper is: Joe Dolce – Shut Your Face*
Highest new entry: Headgirl – St Valentine’s Day Massacre EP

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