The Teenage Hand Hold – 9th November 2022

We held hands, sweaty palms
But that didn’t stop our walk
We circled the lake three times
Lost in the nonsense of our talk
Nervous about our steps
We never looked at each other’s eyes
We left unsaid many thoughts
For other times to realise
Could this time go on forever?
We’ll live it over until our ends
Remember that time at the lake
When we became the best of friends?

Our external searching and perpetual information hunting (and hoarding) are all ways of avoiding an answer disguised as earnestly searching for the answer.

Thomas J Bevan

Today I’m feeling:
am: tired pm: happy
Today I’m grateful for:
Brian Walsby, his art and Manchild books which I’m almost finished reading having owned them for about 10 years already. We seem to have gone through a lot of similar experiences in our formative years. I guess a lot of us into punk in the early 80s all did in some way or other.
The best thing about today was:
Overcoming my tiredness in the morning and ending up really enjoying the day. Classes went well and I felt as if I was really connecting with some of the students.
Daily thought
Are we still the same as our 14-year-old selves?
I think we all carry forward parts of our youthful follies despite wisdom received since but we cannot be the same. Some of that wisdom pays off.
How would you design the city of the future?
Damn, don’t let me do that. I would employ someone who knew what the hell they were doing! This question though reminds me of the ideas of Jacque Fresco who seemed to conceive of better ways for cities to be organised.

I took this picture because it’s nice when Tangmo wants to come and play for a bit. He doesn’t play so much now, he’s not a teenager anymore I suppose.
I’ve been forgetting to look out for photo opportunities these last few days and this one is from a couple of weeks ago.

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