We got that attitude! – 20th November 2020

I am so happy and grateful to have the time and inclination to try to learn a little more of a new language. When I had tried before I always gave up because it got too hard. It’s still hard and frustrating but I feel relaxed enough to take it slowly and enjoy it.
I am so happy and grateful to wake up to another beautiful day with a healthy wife and semi-healthy cats. We are all alive.
I am so happy and grateful to enjoy waking up this morning after an interrupted sleep of KimChi jumping on the fan and turning it on and off because she wanted to take her collar off and play and go outside. Eventually, she settled down and I slept until it got light and the village announcement came on and the music reminded me so much of waking up in KL at Kimi’s and listening to the call to prayer. I miss Kimi so much.

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