Mark My Words – 19th May 2022

It’s a messy room to live
Misunderstood and bent sinister
Yet never felt better in its life
Your future are missing winner
Heads rolled, sure they did
A grotesque psykick dancehall
A triad-plus hip preist
The Smiths predict the fall
Always seen Totale’s turning
A solvent wax to levitate
It’s a caustic user syndrome
A kurious work to extricate
Mangled language perverted
A sublingual tablet bends
From the click of the country
To experiments of frenz
From the time the north was hit
The house was full of ghosts
A mesmerising miasma
A dream lie fiery jack a-toasts

Listening through the Hanley brothers ‘Oh! Brother’ podcast and falling in love with English accents.

The empire is not worries about the spread of disinformation, they’re worried about the spread of information.

Caitlin Johnstone

The Week That Was – 29th July 1979

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